Monday, July 07, 2008


I was preparing some notes for Saturday's class at work today and as I looked through the remaining lessons that I still need to teach before the semester break starts, I came to realize that I have no enough time to finish the entire lesson! There is one lesson, which has 3 different class assignments to do and I just freaking realized it today! Well, clearly I am so DOOMED! I could've had a replacement class last week since it was the exploration week which is quite equivalent to mid-sem break BUT I didn't cos I thought I could finish the entire lesson in 6 weeks time but after doing all the calculations and stuffs, I doubt I can which is why I am really really doomed.

How la can I set a good example to the students when their very own tutor can't even be more organized? Okay, I was really in a panic/worried mode but I also came to realize that if I kept on worrying about it, I won't be able to do anything right. So it's best for me to find a solution pronto! 

Numero uno: I need to organise 1 replacement class.
Numero dos: Give my students homework. I know giving the students homework will actually make 'em suffer more BUT based on the performance and standard of the students I am currently teaching, they still NEED to improve on their computer skills which is why I think giving 'em homework would be beneficial no? If they managed to finish it at home then they'll be able to finish learning the entire lessson of CGD for Semester 1! 

So what I am gonna do now till the next 6 weeks  is to design an 'instruction/how to' notes to all the remaining lessons so that the students will know how to do the assignments well. Man, I can feel the pressure kicking in already...

Well, didn't have Monday Blues today. It's probably cos I was high on caffeine haha. Had ' iced yin yong' (coffee + tea combo) during lunch so I was quite energetic at work today though I slept at 4am last night. Shit, I've no idea why I kept on sleeping at odd hours lah. Merl texted me today just to update me some Penampang story. Well, I've got a best friend from high school who's currently seeing a guy who's from the same kampung as me! I don't know if it's really true or not but this really came in as a surprise! How did the two ended up together? I am still playing Sherlock Holmes and trying to figure it out but on the other hand,  this mean the world is really small after all right? I wouldn't be surprised if  one day I ended up with orang Penampang juga (Hint: yang tinggal sannnnaaaa kampung sebelah tu pun bulih la) HAHAHA! Okay, seriously I'm just kidding cos it's not gonna happen in a lifetime. 

Apparently, a lot of my friends who came from Penampang ended up finding their true love from Penampang as well! No offense Anne & Evor, both of you are meant to be together lol! Okay, I think I am still high on caffeine...starting to talk crap guys know what I mean lah kan?

Anne, this is for you :)

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