Monday, July 21, 2008

Hoping for a good week

Man, my weekend’s gone*poof* just like that and now it’s back to worrying more and more things. I couldn’t sleep last night cos…I seem to be worried on what will the brand new week brings. I’ve got this project that I volunteered to be involved with and I am suppose to recruit potential students to produce some artworks BUT so far, luck hasn’t been on my side. How lahhhhh?

Because of this, I had multiple weird dreams last night. But anyhow, just wanted to share something happy today. Last night I was at the usual malay stall outside for another yamcha session. Ken came down to Sunway so we didn’t need to go all the way to KJ to meet him. During the yamcha session, he told me that his proposal for this year’s Petronas Hari Raya TVC has been approved! I’m proud of him la of course. He’s building himself up from a visualiser to future art director.

So don’t forget to check that TVC once it’s out during Raya season ☺ AND I hope I heard him right last night cos manatau I might be wrong but yeah, just wait for the ad to come out. I actually knew the story of his ad since Ken had told me way before he went to present his proposal hehe.

Well, hope everyone will have a good week ahead :) Cheers.
(photo courtesy of kimicon)


maslight said...

My week had been hectic..I hope for a better weekend this week XD

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yeah! *crosses fingers*