Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Makes me wonder

My mum called me up yesterday night just to ask how I was doing but out of the blue, she asked me whether I have a boyfriend or not then she moved on and asked if my bro is currently seeing someone too. Man, of ALL the questions she can ask me…ini pula yang she tanya bah. I don’t talk about relationships or anything related to my personal life to my mum ever so really, it’s just kinda weird when my mum asked me about it.

So I told her that I’m still young (though in reality, I am not THAT young anymore, but I still want to believe that I am pfft) and I still have 583983982 (exaggerating the amount again) to do / achieve; I just couldn’t find that specific time to think about getting a boyfriend. Plus it’s not like I am always lucky when it comes to love, it’s more like I’m never lucky in love. Then I also told my mum “Wait la…after I get my masters first,” to which she replied “So by the time you got your masters, you’ll be how old?” I was too lazy to give my mum another answer after that so I just quickly changed the topic. So for the time being, I’m just keeping my options open. I mean, if I eventually will fall in love, which God knows when haha, then we’ll just take it from there. As for now...I’m just livin’ it up! 

Well, I hope my mum won’t turn up to be like some of the aunties / uncles who’ll keep asking when’s your turn to marry whenever there’s a wedding going on. Don’t they just annoy you? Haha…but seriously, like I’ve mentioned…I’m never lucky in finding love unlike some people who can find someone just anywhere! My cousins (the one that I hang out with usually are the lucky bunch) Damn, feel like I tersisih *sobs* And I do not know why I seem to attract guys that I am not even interested to know! Remember the scary malay pool guy? I have no intention or whatsover in getting to know him plus he got a lame-ass pickup line man. Then the guys that I actually wanted to get to know more, usually just see me as one of the guys. How lah?

I had this conversation with Aini and Raden back when were still studying in NZ. I told them, if I still can’t find a boyfriend when I reach 30, I’m going to be a gay.







I'm kidding okay. 

I told my friends I want a rocker boyfriend. So yeah...still lookin'. Heh.


fie the elf said...

yeah its so annoying how kk people can be so narrow-minded and expect us all to get married by 23!! just because our friends do it (some of my friends are married already), doesn't mean we all want to!

simone said...

ever since we left high school, how many of our classmates are actually married & how many of ur schoolmates (of the same year) are married too... perhaps our great grandparents' trend are coming back to the Millennium year...

Vivien Dumpangol said...

fie the elf: yeap, totally agree, i mean c'mon were just 23 and it's like were still a freshman in adulthood. still soooo many things yet to do/discover. (no offense to those who kahwni awal la haha)

mone: i think it's the trend bah. everyone's getting married early. i think (a lot) of our high skool friends now are either dating, engaged, married or married with kids sudah.

Vivien Dumpangol said...


Alvira said...

Vien..don't go looking for love but let love find's annoying right if we do go someone's wedding and people keep on asking that annoying question..

Sometimes I answer "bisuk sia kahwin" ha ha ha ha ha...anyway enjoy life, have fun while we're still can..

Jns said...

haloo there.. its been a while since i last read bout your blog..guest the last time i read it is in May..kinda busy..So i go thru all the blog.. till i saw this one.. hahaa funny...funny.. our parent will ask us bout this u ok lagi.. me aduh.. dunno how to answer..after my sis engagement in september.. tekanan tu on me.. "semua orang tanya.. ko bila lagi".. and even worst is when my dad told me in chinese "When u go into the house,dont be too sensitive when all the people ask u when is your turn.. " omg... i answered him " aku dah immune" hahaha

Enjoy life Gal.. We ourself must find happiness in ourself before we try to make other people happy.. :)

panjang comment ku.. Till then.. take care..