Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nobody nose

I have been staying in PJ for 5 months now and last night was actually my first time going out on a weekend. Yes, I don't really have that interesting life here compared to how my life is back home. It's not like I can just go next door and meet up with my cousins for a chat if I am bored here. Sigh. Anyways, I was at Taman Megah's Ming Tien to meet up with some college mates. There were six of us there and I haven't met 3 of 'em for about 2 years. Karmen came back from Switzerland for 2 weeks and it's been really nice meet her again and hear her stories about studying in Europe. Makes me wanna go there lah! Not sure when but it's definitely gonna be in my 'things to do before I die list'. 

 I actually stayed quiet most of the time during the meet up session cos part of it, I am still pissed at people dissing my job and another part of it was cos most of the conversation were spoken in cantonese. So I entertained myself by listening to a lot of R&B and Hip Hop music that's been played  at the DJ console. 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Nelly, Usher, R. name it, semua pun ada.

As you can see on the right side bar, my current mood is STRESS. Well, not to the extend where I am giving up my life and just wanted die but it is that kind of "stress" that all of us would normally feel. The past few weeks, I've been trying to best to keep myself feeling content but this week, I could already feel the pressure burning up. I admit, part of me being stress is due to the fact that I've been in procrastination mode and I have trouble with organizing my time properly not forgetting having trouble sleeping too. But how it the world can I manage to handle 19684593 things at one time? Okay, the amount is a bit exaggerated but you get the drill yeah? Then some of the days, I'll get disappointed with myself (oh man, not again..) for not handling my job well. Haih...why am I like this????? 

I still have sooooo many things to rant about but since it is the weekend, I guess it is better for me to savour the day instead of being a b*itch, no? Oh, know what? Surprisingly the performance of the students in CGD class yesterday was *slightly* better compared to the previous weeks. Though there were still quite a number of students asking questions here and there but they did managed to finish the class assignment on time well, expect for 2 students who were a lil bit slow compared to their other classmates. I've decided to have an one on one session with them later next week cos I doubt they can do it if I asked them to finish the assignment at home. 

I spent my Friday night coming up with a simple tutorial for their final project because I am a kind and caring tutor haha I thought it might be useful to start off their final project with the help of this simple tutorial and tips. 

Ended up sleeping at 4am! But between the time, I went yamcha outside with Ivan and watched Deja Vu on HBO.

The MEGA SALES is currently on now but I haven't bought anything yet  since I need to be wise with my $$ (cos damn, everything is so pricey these days). All I did was just window shopping. Wanna buy more books!

Here's my best purchase of the day:

Betty and Veronica Holiday Pack (2 in a price of 1). Love it.

Another thing. I've recently changed my header again cos the previous one that I did, according to LW, the pokok looks like dildo yang bercabang. WTF???How can he think of such thing! LOL. So I decided to change it (I'm still using the same pokok but in a different position) and hope the current header will stay for a while lah.


EviE said...

yea life at somewhere else, if no friends and transport to go around..memang not happening la kan.

anyway, i totally understand how you feel to follow a group of friends who engage in a conversation in a language you dun understand..feels like having a translator chip embedded in the head..for quick translation

Anonymous said...

ew~ LW is so sick..

Vivien Dumpangol said...

evie: couldn't agree more heh :)

anon: lol. yeah, he actually said that. damn otak kuning haha.