Saturday, July 12, 2008


Few days ago, I was tagged by Elfie & Jasmine to do this. So here goes...

10 favourite photos with explanations 
(note: these are also random photos that I've chosen)

Number 10
Ivan, Ken and me. Picture taken at a printing factory during college time way back in 2005. 

Number 9
During one late summer (2007) in Wanganui, Raden, Za and I decided to go for a cycling session at Virginia Lake. It was tiring to ride up the hills but we had tons of fun especially when Raden and Za tried to do some bicycle stunts :) I looked like I wanna kick someone's ass haha.

Number 8

This was our (me, Raden's and Langit/Sky's) attempt to pose for a fashion catalogue haha. All trying to act macho. Picture taken during our skiing trip to Mount Ruapehu,  during winter 2006.

Number 7
This was also taken during our trip to Mount Ruapehu. Tok and Raden looked like 2 samsengs and I just wanted world peace :P I was wearing Sky's glasses in this pic.

Number 6
Graduation day, July 2007. Yes it has been a year. Liked this pic simply because I looked like a hobbit between the two guys.

Number 5
My flatmates! This was taken outside our flat while waiting for Fiona (our school's wonderful office admin) who drove us all the way to Palmy that day. This pose is called " getting ready for a free kick pose" :) Pfft..lame, I know haha.

Number 4
CNY 2007! We had our very own CNY celebration since we were all stucked in Wanganui during that time. Good foods and great company!

Number 3
Me and the girlfriends during one of our night out in the city. This was taken in STAR's toilet. Yeah, of all the places bah kan? 

Number 2
I hardly post a solo pic of myself in my blog cos...well, I am not as photogenic as some of you out there but I thought I looked allright in this photo. Maybe cos I had a good hair day? This was taken right outside Wanganui District Library, where I spent most of my time browsing/reading books during the summer holidays.

Number 1

Just because my cousins and I looked nice here :)

And...I tag:
1. Chrystal
2. Li Wen
3. Cmone
4. Beatrice
5. Massy

Well...that's if you guys wanna do it lah.

Have a grrreattt Sunday!


fie the elf said...

i love no.8 & 2!
and that ken is a cutie omg =D

maslight said...

ahah! XD i'll do this later XD i mean after i get my sleep XD

Vivien Dumpangol said...

fie the elf: haha...yeah, ken is very good looking kan??

massy: no prob! but ive seen you've already did the tag XD

simone said...

babes...will do it later later after i've digged all my photos...

Vivien Dumpangol said...

okie....btw, need to update ur blog bah haha

jasmine said...

i like no. 4 & 2. you guys look like you had tons of fun during the CNY. nice picture. and you look pretty chilled in picture 2. :)