Thursday, July 31, 2008


I had an idea for IF since their topic of the week is 'Canned' Immediately thought of Jay Kay's Canned Heat song and then remembered it was used in the movie, Center Stage. But come to think of it, this idea is kinda lame la and I'm way *cough* too lazy to beautify my drawings thus, I decided...maybe I'll post something better to IF next time.

Just paid my monthly debts today. Rent+Electricity+Water+Streamyx. Now, I'm left with just few $$ to survive. Nampaknya it's gonna be roti+maggi everyday haha. 

Not so sure if I am able to catch Samsons and Estranged tonight since it requires cover charge. And I think I might stay late in the office cos damn, got so much gradings to do plus the notes for tomorrow's class. Stress man.

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