Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yesterday was another episode of me being forgetful AGAIN but this time around, I forgot to bring my purse to work. I only realised it when I was about to pay for a box of HL milk which I thought could be my quick breakfast before class starts. But to my horror, I couldn't find my purse in my bag. GREEEAT. I didn't actually want my workmates to know about this cos's kinda embarrassing no? I only told LW about it but I did mentioned to him that I am going to be fine and I could survive the day. 

But you know what? I guess GOD was kind enough to give me two blessings yesterday. Well, miraculously I found RM0.80 in my bag while ransacking it just to see if there's any money inside haha! With that amount of money, I bought myself a Gardenia Bread for lunch. So at least I won't die out of hunger, thank God for that. Then, LW was KIND ENOUGH to buy me nasi lemak for lunch too! I am seriously super 'terharu' until I felt like crying (no kidding lol) Isn't it wonderful to actually know that there are some people who still cares??? Anyways, THANK YOU!!! 

So boys and girls, the moral of this story is...just look on the BRIGHT side no matter how crappy your day was cos you never know you might be blessed by the good man above :) Actually right, I don't usually look on the bright side la cos when my day is crappy, it'll continue to get crappier when the day goes by but maybe once in a while, we should look on the bright side lah kan?

I've been having this being-forgetful syndrome for a few months already and believe me, it's getting worse. Does this have to do with me drinking too much coffee? As much as I want to deny it, I think this is a definite sign of ageing. OH CRAP. Yesterday was also one of my workmate's birthday and I only remembered it when he was about to leave from work. I am such a bad, bad friend.

Well, I'm currently sitting at the living room and desperately in need of inspiration! Can't seem to find a way to apply my idea into the Merdeka poster. Looks like it's gonna be another late night again. Can I request for another blessing again?


InobonG ProPer said...

bah..samalah problem kita ni..being forgetful and couldn't sleep at night :)

but the difference between u n me is..u r still young my dear..

so please take care kio..most important thing get enough sleep..

Vivien Dumpangol said...

iya ba pun nda tau la. sdah la pelupa...slalu lagi tidur lambat hehe. will try to sleep early...muka sa pun banyak jerawat keluar sudah...ishhh