Tuesday, September 09, 2008

1st day

Got myself a haircut yesterday. Actually, I've had this kind of hairstyle last year (just look at my profile picture on the right) Oh well, at least my head feels lighter now. Although I currently like having long hair, it is kind of hard to maintain it in this humid climate, somemore I've got thick hair. It's different compared to when I was in NZ. I kept it long so that it can cover up my neck during the cold days but here in Malaysia...panas bah. 

First day of the new term was okay. Had only one class on Monday but geez, it starts at 9am! I still have not finished preparing my lectures for this coming Friday. How? Luckily I don't have any classes today so I shall devout my entire time preparing my lectures and oh, before I forget...need to do a photo slideshow for this coming Thursday's Merdeka appreciation dinner. So much things to do in soooo little time. 

You know what's the agony of being a educator? It's when you need to meet the parents of your students. Sigh. But I'll just save this story for another time lah cos right now bed time!

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