Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still sick...but recovering

Hai iz me again! I know I haven't really updated anything here since I came back from KK. It's just that I was still sick (it's been 2 weeks now) but I'm feeling better now cos I went to see the doc on Thursday...FINALLY! to get some medicines so that I can get well soon. Seriously, this being sick thing is really dragging down all my semangat to do anything cos all I think of doing while being sick was to get a good rest and sleep. But I hope I'll be better by next week :)

How time's already been a week since I left KK and at this moment, I really wish that I am still there bah. I'll upload the pictures real soon... (cross my fingers and hope I can upload it by tonight). I know it's been taking me a while to do so BUT sia sakit bah, tulah bikin lambat nih. Anyways, I'm in the office right now marking a bunch of essays for Design 2 class. Yesterday during Design 1 class, I almost screwed things up cos suddenly I was so confused while explaining what 'complementary colour' is. *sigh*

Oh, I've got this award from Inobong Proper and Beautiza. Thank you! But I'm not tagging anyone cos...lazy bah :) But thanks a lot anyway.

Tonight, ManU vs Bolton! 

CR scored the opening goal during the Carling Cup third round match against Middlesbourgh. This is what I'm talking about man!

Okay, need to continue with the markings. Have a good weekend people! Heading to Summit later cos I'm bored with Pyramid now heh.

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shirley a.k.a. beautiza said...

doi sian vivien.. bah you take care kio!!!