Tuesday, September 16, 2008


UPDATED [2013 hours]: I've got one and a half hour to go before I finally can fly back. Currently sitting at LCCT's Coffee Bean to curi some wireless line. I am still very sick! I thought I would be better today but it's worse. Self reminder: No cold drinks and deep-fried foods. Actually I don't even know what to write...oh, I forgot one important thing in the office and I've just realised it when I opened my backpack just now. So yeah...hope to get better before Friday la. Okay, gonna go and watch some random youtube videos now. See Ya!

In Kadazan language, it basically means sick cos I am finally feeling it right now. Started with the throat and now it slowly goes up to the cough. Darn, I knew that I'm gonna start having cough and flu but yet, I still order milo ais when I when out for a drink with Ivan a while ago. This is definitely not cool! Especially at times like this where I am supposed to be super stoked because I am jetting off to KK tonight but, being sick has dragged my excitement down NOT forgetting the endless paper works that I've got to deal with in work. Man, when will it ever ends?

Okay, got to think positive here. So yeah, I am finally going back to Penampang! Though it'll be only be for a short while, 5 days to be exact but I am glad that I finally can go back home where I can sleep in my own room and wake up in the morning looking at Mount Kinabalu from the distance instead of LDP highway. Of course looking forward to attend Anne and Evor's wedding too. That's the whole reason why I am going back to Penampang :)

I'm not sure if I can get internet access when I'm home but I'll try my best to update if I can, if not then...you'll just have to wait lah. So here's wishing everyone a great week ahead!

P/S:ManU freaking lost to Liverpool! Wtf man. Ish, tunggu ja tu star player kluar. Menang berabis tu MU nanti heheh.

P/P/S: Big thanks to Reis who'll be taking over my Friday class for this week :)