Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To my best friend

This post is dedicated to my best friend, Anne Marie Ambrose. 

**I may not be good with words like you are but here goes.

I couldn’t help but to recall all the fond memories that we’ve shared throughout the years. Growing up with you has been one of the most enjoyable thing that’s ever happened in my life. From playing paper dolls and Barbies, bathed together lol!, writing letters to each other (even though our houses are just few seconds apart), main getah, bubut-bubut, cycling around the kampung (and sometimes ventured to the other kampung), joining the choir and Christmas carols, then when we almost hit puberty, we started to be interested to the members of the opposite sex and we’ll gush about them and also our very own crushes almost everyday. Not forgetting being a big fan of The Moffatts (we’ve also watched the live concert on VCD almost everyday hoping that one day, Scott and Bob will be our husbands). You were great at sports during the days. You’ve started playing football with your brothers while I just stood at one corner cos I totally sucked at it. You’ve influenced me to like watching WWF Smackdown/Raw that I ended up being a fan of The Hardy Boyz till now. Remember how you virtually married to Chris Jericho? We even printed out the wedding cert lol!

If I could really turn back time, I would love to go back to do all the things together again but I know it is not possible to do so. Over the years, you’ve grown to be a stronger person and I am really proud of you for always trying your best to not always be dependable on other people. I remembered clearly when we were still in high school, you had to take the responsibility to become the big sister and take care of Arnold and Audrey. Even though you knew how screwed up things were, the house condition, financial and all that, you would still stand up strong and go through all the obstacles in life without much complain. Did I tell you that your Ma Ling goreng is one of a kind? I like it cos it’s crunchy and I used to have one or two piece when I kawan you to masak dinner in the kitchen. There is a whole list of things that we did together but it’ll take a long time for me to list everything down here.

Finishing high school means we’re opening yet another new chapter in life. I had to be away most of the time pursuing my dream to be a designer (but still, I am not up there yet) while you had to take up jobs to survive and also help your family. There I was thinking how lucky I am to still have my mom to support me over the years. If I was a millionaire, without any doubt I would help you to pursue your dreams and lessen your burden but at this point, I really can’t do much but to just be that someone to be there for you. I’ve seen you going through a lot of hardships and I too, want to learn to be like you by working hard to achieve something (unlike some people who gets married to a rich man and uses the money given to buy a LV bag).

Last week, on September 19th, I witnessed you marrying Evor, the guy you’ve had a crush on when you’re in Form 1 but he just sees you as Jay’s little sister and constantly called you Anne Marie Victoria 1 Putih! at that time. I don’t know how fate works but we really can’t underestimate the power that God has. How he ended up reuniting the both of you after all the years not seeing each other is still an interesting question that I’ve been wanting to know the answer to. In a way, Evor has already a part of the family since he’s been Jay’s best friend for so many years and that’s why I was to be happy to see you finally marrying the love of your life.

I honestly didn’t think I did a great job being your Maid of Honour (MOH) cos I think Audrey deserves the title more than me. I’ve watched Made Of Honour and seen how Partick Dempsey has always been there for his best friend but I wasn’t even there when you’re doing all the planning’s for your wedding. I honestly hated to be away and not being able to give out a helping hand but I just don’t have that much choice since I am working here in KL. There wasn’t much I could do being back home two days before your wedding day but all thanks to Merl, Jesse, Drey and Adrian, we as Merl had said ‘divided and conquered’ to make your wedding special.

There are still so many things I wanted to say but I really don’t know how to put it in words. I wish you and Evor all the best as husband and wife and I totally forgot to wish the both of you a BIG CONGRATS since we were all so busy entertaining the guests. I hope that we could still hang out like we used to even though you’re a married woman now. I hope we could still have the girly days out with the other half a dozen craze, go to the movies, makan bak kut teh in Ming or mee Tuaran in Ching Fah, still cheer over our favourite football team, Italy even though a lot of people disses them like crazy, watch Manchester United vs Liverpool (if there’s any chance) or just simply go for a drink at the coffeeshop. Thank you for always been the bestest friend to me and for being the most understanding person to me for so many years. Nobody could ever take your place and remember I am always there for you in your ups and downs no matter how near or far I am. I LOVE YOU sooooo much! Can’t wait to see you again when I am back for Christmas. Evor, jaga Anne bagus-bagus k!


shirley a.k.a. beautiza said...

doi make me cry.. i agree.. when i look at her on her wedding gown.. reminds me when she was a little girl.. but i know she is strong.. your parents have been supportive too...
Im sure her ..mummy... is happy looking at her daughter from above..

InobonG ProPer said...

Wahh've been growing up wonder she chose u to be her MoH..u should be proud k

what ever happen to the wedding pics? tiada ka viev? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Vien,
Read what you wrote.
Just wanna say that before making comments about LV bags I hope you know that I have helped Andrew, Angeline a lot even when Angeline was sick and after her demise, I am still helping to pay for the food, electricity, petrol, car and other expenses. So please don't ever think that I never help and have stop -even this morning Boy came to see me -'minta duit untuk beli lauk' he comes twice a week for that - do you know how much I spend monthly for them? Do you? I just keep quiet and I dont tell people what I do. Even Jimmy helps to chip in monthly and so do John, we help to pay Andy's loans -therefore, please get the facts right before even commenting. It hurts to read that comment even though I don't know who it was meant for. Mummy know how much I did for them, A's uitm fee, who paid for it?
Maybe you were wrongly informed or just plain ignorant of the facts.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

dear anon,

that particular lv bags comment was definitely NOT meant for any of my family members. if that comment really hurts you, then i am sorry and i apologise for that. never in the world i would hurt any of my family members by just bombarding comments like that.

whatever things that you've done to help lessen their burden, i truly appreciate that and i am sure aunty maggie would be happy too.