Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Need some fixing

Well not much stuffs been happening lately, except for work, tutoring and teaching (what else is new huh?). I've been trying to get some decent sleep these days, meaning trying not to sleep late and be able to wake up early the next day. But it's not as easy as it looks like since I have been having trouble sleeping for months now. Insomnia I presume? But yeah, trying my best here. There's just so many things that I want to organise/manage/fix properly like my time, body and mind. I'm afraid I might fall into depression again if I don't do so. *sigh*

Anyho, got some good...well, not exactly a good news that'll make me go YAYYYY!!! all the way but it is still a good one but I shall spare the details next week. 

On some random notes, my brother turned 26 on Monday but if you've seen him before, you won't think that he's 26. 

I've been tagged into 2 drunk-singing videos on Facebook that was taken during the BBQ party last week. Well, obviously I wasn't drunk that night lah (so don't get it twisted), in fact I looked like an emo person in one of the videos hahah.

Tried cooking pasta with my rice cooker today and it worked :)

And...I want to watch Mamamia! 

P/S: Haven't got the time to edit pictures for part two of Evor & Anne's big day. So please be patient yah???

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