Friday, October 10, 2008


I managed to watch WWE Smackdown at the 'cineplex' outside last night. I don't watch WWE regularly like how I used to back in high school but anyway, I was so surprised that Funaki still survives in the industry! I mean, he usually lose in a wrestling match but yeah, Funaki still lives on...hahaha and he lost on last night's match too heh.

Then there was this Russian wrestler by the name of Vladmir something, came out suddenly and beat up Jeff Hardy. I totally have no freaking idea who that Vladmir dude was. Hardy Boyz still rocks man :)

I managed to wake up early yesterday since my class starts at 9am and also managed to pack my lunch as well. W00t! See, I'm making a progress here :) But not sure about today cos it's already 1:15am and I am still awake. Need to go to bed soon! 

TGIF! Have a good day people.

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