Saturday, October 04, 2008

Raya 08

I've been away for a week...well not because I was busy or anything, just that my lazy mode has been kicking off hence no updates for the entire week. I've been wanting to blog but I am just way too lazy to do so. Anyway, how was your Raya holidays? Mine was okay though I think last year's Raya was better cos I was able to go for an open house. This year, I did absolutely nothing! Stayed at home for the entire two days of hols, just watching new episodes of Grey's and Gossip Girls (cos I managed to find a way to download the shows more faster than using the ol' Limewire) and also LOTR: The Two Towers on TV.

Oh, the day before Raya, I was at Metropolitan Sq in Damansara Perdana to attend my ex-housemate, Jun's bbq party. Actually, I wasn't that keen on going to the party at the first place (I have my personal reasons la) but Jun personally called me up a week before the party and invited me to go so...I couldn't really turn down the invitation. Turns out, the bbq party was quite fun and I was happy to be able to meet up with the seniors from college. Haven't seen them for sooooo long. days were fun! Managed to meet up my ex-roomie too plus Loong came back all the way from S'pore to attend the party. So yeah, it was all good :)

BUT you know what? I think I am an absolute party pooper. Yes, you people who loves drinking and getting high and drunk can smack me on my head now. There was a lot of drinking activity going on during the party. Even after the bbq session was over, everyone went up to Josh's crib and continued getting high and drunk.That's when I kinda felt out of place again cos everyone was having fun and I on the other hand, sat at one corner and *tried* my best to enjoy the night. So  now you know I am not one of those 'cool' people to hang out with. If you've watched Beverly Hills 90210 before, the character that suits me best would be Andrea Zuckerman. No kidding. 

I searched for a party pooper picture on google and this is what I've found. Lol!

Anyway, highlight of the night was when Ken and Loong started creating impromptu songs and singing it in different languages. My favourite ones were in BM and Hakka. I had to embarrass myself with singing too cos Ken and Jun said after knowing me for so long, they've never even heard me sing before. So Kau Ilhamku was my song choice of the night. 

Didn't brought my d-cam along but here are some pictures taken from Simon's FB.

I haven't seen Simon after I graduated from college...I think it has been like 3 years? Omg, punya lah lama sudah. My thighs macam drumstick bah. Ishhh...Simon has been working out so that explains why he's so fit.

With Theresa (my ex-roomie) and Simon. 

Love Loong's shirt!

At Josh's crib with Loong and Kenny (the class monitor in my batch)

I reached home the next day, (1st day of Raya) 8am to be exact cos Ivan was in a hungover mode so he had to sleep for a while before he could actually drive Ken and me home. So ended up listening to lotsa bedtime stories from Ken till sunrise. What a night man.

Weekend's here again. Will probably do some paintings...if I am rajin enough, if not then I shall do all the house chores again. Laundry...sigh. 

ManU vs Blackburn tonight! Oh, hope it's not too late to wish all my muslim friends and relatives Selamat Hari Raya!

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