Friday, October 24, 2008

What falls during winter pt. II update! Actually writing this on lunch hour heh. Apologies for the lack of updates, well it has been a tiring week for me. I don't know...probably I still haven't recovered from the Bangkok trip yet. I get so sleepy most of the days and tired as well. But thank God that it is already Friday :) I'm looking forward for the weekends plus Diwali holiday on Monday! Time to get more sleep and rest! (not forgetting doing the laundry *sigh*)

It would take a while for me to edit all the Bangkok photos since I need to do the watermarks and some lighting adjustments so, one word. PATIENCE. I will post it up as soon as I am able to find the time to do it aight! Anyways, here are the remaining photos taken during Evor and Anne's wedding. This was during the reception dinner at KDCA. I had to make it as a slideshow cos editing it one by one will take much longer time so I decided to compile into a slide. Had tons of fun during the night and I shook hands with soooo many people!

I think my 5 days trip back to KK last month has been one of the most fruitful thing I've done this year. The feeling of being home is just soooo wonderful even though it was just for a short time. I was contemplating whether I should go back home for christmas or just wait till CNY, (which means I'll need to spend Christmas here in KL) but after much thought, I've decided to go back home for Christmas because celebrating Christmas with your loved ones are always the best kan? kan? Heheheh. So yeah, gotta burn my savings on air ticket again. Big thanks to my cuzzies for bringing me out to see 1Borneo for the first time and also to Ching Fah to makan mee Tuaran! Also to my mom (it's her birthday today!) for cooking real good chinese foods for me :) And to the girlfriends for making the time to meet up. I shall see you guys in December!

I've still got so many things that I wanna say but, I'll just save it for another time lah. Okay, need to go for lunch now. Super hungry man. Here's a sneak peak of Bangkok ;)


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