Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Need to stay alive

Artist's comment: Hmmm...I didn't really wanna upload this at the first place seeing that it is not completely done yet. Background colours need some refinement and oh, I always have problems drawing hands and legs hence you can see the right hand looks...errrr nevermind then. Anyway, I'm a procrastinator, thus I didn't managed to do the refinements. Maybe my next illustration should be done digitally heh. 

Medium: 2B pencil, Water colour, 0.2 Artline pen, Sharpie, Luna pencil colour on Water colour paper

I was meaning to blog since Saturday, (the day where ManU were defeated by the Gunners *grrr*) but then as always, I was on my lazy mode plus I was pretty much worn out after being out the entire day last Sat. Yeah, I took my own advice and went down to KLCC...well, Kinokuniya to be exact to check out some art and design books there. Sigh, wish I had the $$ to buy some the books there. Even saw the lastest issue of PostSecret book!


Besides checking out the books there, part of the reason of me heading down to Kinokuniya was to check on the pirces of these:

Moleskine! A lot of choices there...and I wanted to get the sketchbook version but the price almost made me choked to death! Haha *kidding* But seriously it was quite expensive cos the covers were made of top quality Italian patent so that explains why lah.

Spent half of my Sunday sleeping in, I know I still haven't found the formula to solve my sleeping problem. Sigh. I blame in on myself cos I know I'm the one who causes this I-always-sleep-late-and-have-trouble-waking-up-early problem. Really need to learn how to cut down caffeine intake lah. So yeah, got my lazy mode kicking in hence no updates till today!

I really should get back in my alive and semangat mode seeing that there's only less than 5 weeks left before the students are on holiday again so I gotta complete all my tasks ASAP so that I will feel relieved once I head back home for Christmas. So can't wait for that. I wonder how this year's Christmas will be...


Christmas decorations has already been set up outside Pyramid mall. 

So...last Saturday's football match was quite a disappointment lah. There were so many great chances from Rooney and C. Ronaldo but I guess that luck wasn't with them that time. Had this conversation with Ivan on Sunday after the match. Actually few days before the match, he had told me that the Gunners will win and ManU memang teda harapan mo menang sudah...

Then I was being all optimistic and told him that if Obama can do it, they can as well hahaha. Lame, I know heh. Btw, has anyone read the news on Sunday Star last week about how we shouldn't get carried away with the Obama fever? Apparently the Kelantan Umno liaison chairman said that, quote "I see people wearing Obama T-shirts. While it is good, let us not get carried away with what happened in other nations. I also prefer if people could wear T-shirts bearing Datuk Seri Najib, soon to be our next PM and Umno president," end quote. 


Aight, need to get back into my reading mode now :) 

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