Sunday, November 16, 2008

Big win

Been wanting to upload this picture via AAR's website for quite sometime. Hello Tyson Ritter!!! *drools*

I looooove his wavy hair.

Because I woke up late yesterday, I missed:

1. Paul Hughes, the art director of Lava Design talk in the college. Eventhough I've listened to his presentation on Friday already, I'd still want to listen to him again :(

2. Threadszoo at Capsquare in conjunction with Celcom's UOX Block Party. Been looking forward to go to the marketplace to see if there's anything worth to buy BUT because I woke up late, all my plans totally hancurrrrrrrs. *sigh*

It's been a really tiring week! The past two days I had to wake up extra early to attend the Kyoorius Designyatra 08 Design Conference at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in KL. Though I was feeling tired and sleepy, I must say the conference was good! Thanks to the college for sponsoring :) I didn't wanna go at the first place since I've got a class on Friday and it'll be a hassle to cancel it and find a day for replacement but then, I am thankful that I was able to attend this conference and meeting great people working in the creative industry like Wally Olins, Neville Brody, Kenya Hara of MUJI, Vince Frost and etc. I'll upload some of my not so clear and sharp pictures soon. Some might be on my Facebook account so if you're on my friend list, go and have a look :)

I really don't know how to write a review for this conference but all I can say is, it was a great eye opener and I bet the students were inspired by the works and words from the creative people. It makes you wanna do a lot of great things and change the design industry and yet still being true to yourself. Do I make sense here? So yeah, hopefully there's more design conference to come!

Anyway, my intake of caffeine during the conference was totally out of control haha. It's the only way for me to stay awake. Everytime there's a break, I'll be queuing up to get that small cup of Nescafe. 

ManU vs Stoke City's match is over just half an hour ago and ManU freaking won 5-0! Ish...the time I've decided not to watch the match, they menang besar pulaaaaa. Sudah sia bilang kan, tatap ada harapan mo menang punya bah heh. Now I wished I did watch the match. Oh well, better catch up  with my reading or, I should just go and watch the DVDs that's been lying around in my room. 

**To Elfie: So sorry couldn't get the tix for the play at KLPAC today :( Got the news last minute so the plan have to be cancelled. Hope you'll still have a good Sunday.


InobonG ProPer said...

Glory Glory Man United! hehehe

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yeah!!!!! harap2 dorang bulih menang lagi banyak2!

fie the elf said...

did you go to the conference on thursday night? sia ada pergi.. but around 8:30pm la, just wanted to see the small exhibition, and the conference was still on when i was there.

no worries about the tix, i went to see madagascar with my friend instead lol.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hey i was still in the conference that time! but i think around 8.30pm there's another speaker (kenya hara) who was making a presentation so i guess i was sitting and listening to the talk at that time! yeah, the small exhibition called 'retrospective'...i liked it cos everything is in black and white :)

glad u still have something to do on the weekends :) sia pun mau tinguk madagascar! maybe on wednesday when the ticket price is cheap heheh.