Friday, November 07, 2008

Cheers to Friday

It is not the first time where I kena mistaken identity before. Yesterday it happened again during lunch hour, when I was inside Forever 21 store in Pyramid browsing through the clothes and accessories (man, the stuffs there are quite pricey lah). Anyway upon browsing through, that Fellest Yan dude suddenly said hello to me and when I looked at him, he did that 'come over here' hand gesture which made me go HUH??? And then when I didn't respond, he asked me if I work in F21 or not. Wtfffffff...Seriously, my face ada potential to be a salesperson kah? Sometimes people still thought that I was still a student (hmmm, I should take it as a compliment) and the famous one is people tend to think that I am Japanese/Korean. *sigh* Some Malaysian does have a pair of sepet eyes too okay.

Well, my class got cancelled yesterday because the guest lecturer that I am assisting called me up on Wednesday night and told me that his wife just delivered a baby girl. Congrats Mr. Mike! So he still had to teman his wife in the hospital thus class had to be cancelled lah. Seeing that I have some spare time during work yesterday, I went and did a few random stuffs like reading about North Korea and the Juche ideology on Wikipedia (???) and also going through some of my archives circa 2005-2006. I realised that I actually managed to write a whole load of stuffs back then! It's like I could actually describe the things that I do on a particular day in full details. That must've been a hell lot of blogging effort! I know these days, my posts are somewhat short and not exactly interesting anymore (losing my blogging sparks perhaps?) but I don't know lah...I guess I've been pretty much reserved these days and chose not to write what I've been really feeling deep in my heart heheh. Well I'll probably write soon as I'm ready again lah.

Oh, thanks to everybody on the 'don't worry about the future advices' *throws virtual hugs & kisses* I guess we as human, it's just natural for us to be worried over a lot of things and me precisely am obsessed with worrying even for just a really small issue. Sorry la, can't help it cos it's just who I am but yeah, I'm trying to just 'go with the flow' kalau tidak cepat tua lagi kan???



Obama being the first African-American president is really something huh?

Okay gotta head to bed now. Class starts at 9.30am today and hope I can manage to wake up early. Can't wait for the weekends and the big away match on Saturday!

P/S: Congrats to Audrey for becoming the 2nd runner up for  Female Icon KK :)


maslight said...

LOL, viv it's a great feeling at the same time to be mistaken for younger ppl XD bestnya tu XD erm, I kena oso, occasionally, mmg ancus I tell u.

try having ppl tell u that ur bro is ur bf omg! that's sick

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hahhaha....i think it's probably cos the way i dress makes me still look like a student heheh. omg, nasib baik no one ever said my bro is my bf when i hang out with him!!! lol!