Monday, November 03, 2008

Get your pace back

Finally, two wins in a week! But Saturday night, they almost lost it to an underdog club, Hull City (this club is surely not to be underestimated). Oh well, it's a good thing MU is getting their pace back...hopefully la *crosses fingers*

Can't wait for the match with the Gunners on Saturday!

It's already November! Next thing you know, everybody are busy getting ready for Christmas and welcoming a brand new year. Time does really move fast right? Really fast. Anyway, things to do this month:

*Start de-cluttering all the unwanted stuffs in my head and bring in new input. Geez, I felt that I haven't been filtering my brain for so long...seems that there are way too many things cluttered up inside. 

*Helping out the students with the final projects (ahhh...the time has come for 'em to work their butts off for the final projects). Not forgetting to get ALL the paperworks done before I head back home for the hols.

*Start saving again. Yeap, apparently been using quite a lot of moolah lately and I've just spent a bomb for my December ticket to KK. *sigh*

*Finish reading my books. Haven't been a bookworm for quite sometime now.

*Go out more??? Okay lah, I know I've been living under the tempurung lately. Haven't went down to KL for a few months now so I guess I should probably make some time to go there soon. Was thinking of going to Kinokuniya to check out some stationaries there. Anyone wants to go with me??? 

That's probably all...oh wait I think there's more but I'm too lazy to list it down heh.

My birthday wishes to Ivan, who turned 25 on November 1st. I bet he sure had a hell lot of fun in his favourite club, Bar Celona that night. I sent a text message to him on Saturday afternoon and jokingly told him to ask the DJ play 50 Cent's In Da Club song cos the intro of the song went something like 'Go shorty it's my birthday, we're gonna party like it's my birthday...' but he doesn't seem to get my joke. So yeah, this explains how I still make super lame jokes lah.

Hope you guys had a good weekend. It's Monday already....


InobonG ProPer said...

I love going to Kinokunaya hehehe...siok cari buku sana how nice if i'm there

November means setting up our xmas tree LoL..can't wait, in fact, i might do it tomorrow

I'm xmas mood already

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yup yup! bulih spend the whole day inside bah kan heheh. ya, i think i should go there soon.

uish...awal bah mo pasang xmas tree hehe..semangat bah kan. sia pun nda tau kalau sempat pasang xmas tree this year since sia balik one day b4 xmas eve..

fie the elf said...

why did u follow him to barcelona ;)

Vivien Dumpangol said...

i wasn't invited :( heheh...i think it's cos ivan knows i'm not a BIG drinker so that's why he didn't invite me lah. or maybe i'm just not too cool for his crowd lol. but it's okay la. :)