Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's not you, it's me

Yesterday, I've sort of" constructed" the things that I wanna blog about but then, when I was on my way home from work, my mind was saying, there's a high possibility that I won't even blog about all the things that I've already 'constructed' once I reach home...and no surprises here, my mind was right :)

I don't know lah... it seems that these days I'm easily annoyed with things surrounding me. Even little things get on my bloody nerves. No worries, it has nothing to do with anyone...it's just me. I have issues. Tons of issues heheh. Anyway, I should have more happy thoughts eyy?

Last Saturday, as I've mentioned on the previous post, I went down to Central Market with Yapp to have a mini-reunion with two of my kiwi lecturers, Kate Smith and Rick Hargreaves (he's not related to Owen Hargreaves btw) who thought me and my classmates Professional Practice subject back in Wanganui. These two lecturers has been nothing but real helpful to us, the international students. Maklumlah our English is not that super good kan? We really owe them a lot especially in helping us out with writing our research paper for Degree Project as well as our presentation skills with our chosen moderators. So meeting them once again after 1 and a half year was really great! 

Managed to  meet up some of the juniors too, well I only know some of them and it's good to be able to  meet 'em. I wished my classmates were there :( but they're currently scattered everywhere. Rick actually motivated me to consider taking my Masters...hmmm should I or should I not? 

With Rick. He and Kate apparently has this fatherly/motherly figure to us :) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a photo with Kate cos she was sitting right in front being entertained by the juniors.

Finally met Zahariz!!! Or Abang Za (that's what Raden and I called him) cos he's the oldest in our class heheh. Sangat miss him lah. We have not even met each other ever since  we left Wangaz...that was like 1 and a half years too! Abang Za is my second closest friend after Raden and also my lab partner during our second semester. But sometimes having him sitting next to me in the lab can be very annoying cos he has a habit to just kacau-ing people and farts in the lab too! Omg, super cannot tahan. But then, overall he's a super nice lad to hang out with lah. Hope to meet up with him again before he starts going off shore :)

Saturday's night dinner was goooood! But quite pricey for one person heh. It's okay lah, not everyday juga kan? So after dinner we walked to Chinatown. It's been a while since I went there but there wasn't any interesting stuffs to buy.  Went for another minum session with Abang Za when we reached Sunway. He was just basically giving me inputs with things that 's been revolving in his life. Pretty interesting I must say especially those *cough* scandalous stories heheh. So, my Saturday was well spent after all :)

This week marks the last week of November and December will be arriving soon! This means, I've got one more month before going back to Penampang w00t! Okay, can't be too excited cos who knows what will happen during the first two weeks of December kan? 

Hope everyone had a good Monday :) Bro is back from KK. Ada bambangan untuk sia sudah!


fie the elf said...

sya pun mau bambangan!

maslight said...

Talking about bambangan, my dad actually bought some tuhau and bambangan ni. Anyways, I don't know why I'm all pissy too. T_T I think it's the weather T_T

Vivien Dumpangol said...

elfie: heheh....bulih bah...can share-share!

massy: ohhh...bambangan sedap oh hehe. but i don't really know how to eat tuhau. yeah, prolly the weather la that made us pissed off easily.