Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not happy

I was feeling happy on Monday...probably because I was able to wake up early and stay energised during the day plus I finally got my allowance from the Merdeka-Gardens project that I was involved in last August. But yesterday...I was literally pissed and wasn't happy over something (Mone, I told you about it in the sms) but then, I couldn't really do much. I know it was my fault and I should take it as a lesson lah. *sigh*

So now...I've totally lost my blogging mood. No worries, I should be better in the morning I hope. Btw, changed my blog header again. No reason on why I decided to have the giraffe on the top :) But was quite unsure with the colours cos I uploaded a green coloured version one earlier...then changed my mind and decided to fill in purple instead cos it is after all one of my favourite colour. (I might change it again depending on my mood)

Was in a long dept meeting yesterday. From 5pm to 9pm and only reached home and had dinner at 10.30pm. I think I might have trouble waking up early again...

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