Monday, December 08, 2008

Never think

[EDIT] Actually, in the Twilight soundtrack, there's only one song sang by Rob Pattinson which is of course, called 'Never Think'. But he did sang another song called 'Let Me Sign' in the movie. The song was played during the time when Edward was sucking out the venom from Bella's arm, after she was bitten by James in the ballet studio. The song didn't made it into the soundtrack :) But you can go and listen to it via youtube.

Rob Pattinson contributed two songs one song on the Twilight soundtrack. One of it is this. It's called 'Never Think'. This song was played during the time when Edward and Bella had dinner in the tiny restaurant after Edward saved Bella from being attacked by some men in Port Angeles. The dinner scene was actually my favourite scene too ;) Anyway, to me his voice sounded like a mixture of John Meyer+Brian Vander Ark (lead singer of The Verve Pipe). I like the song though it's quite hard to understand what is he singing but nevertheless I think the song is starting to get in to me already .

I almost forgotten that today is a public holiday. Thank goodness for the long weekends! Well, not that I did much anyway. Stayed at home most of the time because during the weekends, the weather was quite mundane, it just makes you wanna stay in bed and sleep all day. Even today as I woke up, I was greeted by the sound of rain falling down outside and after washing my face and brushing my teeth, I went back to bed and continued reading my book. Such a NICE feeling. I like bah. But I had to get up anyway since I need to do some stuffs (i.e laundry *sigh*).

This week would be the last week of the semester before the students start their holidays. Well, some of the students who were in the tri-semester has started their holidays about 2 weeks ago. I am also looking forward for the Christmas break too! In fact it's all I can think about now :) As of today, I've got 14 more days to go before balik KK! But for now, I need to focus on finishing all my tasks so that when I finally can go home, I'll be at ease. You know, I was thinking of giving a sort of farewell speech...actually it's more like the end-of-the-semester speech for this Friday's class since I won't be teaching/tutoring 'em next semester but I'm still figuring out what to say lah. I just hope I don't get all emo and start crying or whatever. I am prone to do that you know heh.

Not sure what I'll do for the rest of today. Wanted to go to Pyramid to see if I can do some Christmas shopping but we'll see if the weather allows me to do so. In the meantime, I'll just probably go and watch some movies or just wait for the TV shows to finish downloading. On a side note, I've been following Grey's Anatomy Season 5 lately andddd... to my surprise Lexie and Mark Sloan??? Omg, it just looked so wrong. I mean I don't mind if Mark Sloan is with Dr. Torres ( cos I could see there's some sparks there) but Lexie the Little Grey with Mark Sloan? Haiyaaaaa....and is Danny suddenly back from being dead? Weird lah.


aunty g said...

Hi Vien, I ada comment in your 'One Year" Thank you for remembering.. we ada buat kenduri and will also do one on the day he died according to the Muslim calender which falls on 21 Zulkaedah kalau tidak silap 19th dec 08.

simone said...

thel, can't really understand he's singing. the melody of the song is ok for me. but at times macam sumbang leh... i like his voice though. memang dia ka yang nyanyi tu?

Vivien Dumpangol said...

aunty g: hi, ya...ada baca the comments. thank you. would love to attend the kenduri but i belum lagi balik kk on the 19th :)

mone: hahaha...ya, cannot faham bah kan...terpaksa sia pi cari the lyrics to know what he's singing. YES memang dia punya suara tu...ada lagi satu lagu dia called Let Me Sign. ko try and cari di youtube lah :)

simone said...

I feel like buying the OST for Twilight oh.....