Thursday, December 18, 2008

The day after


It's 10:15pm now anddddddd...I've just heard the news from Jesse! My best friend is officially a mummy now!!! And I am officially a grandma (at the age of 24 wtf hahah) I really really wish I am back in KK at this moment...omg, it's only 4 freaking days away! I want to teleport myself! I am just UBER excited about this news. Congrats Anne and Evor!!! Can't wait to see the baby!!! And I know I don't click with babies and kids BUT I vow I will try to love 'em more from now on hahah.

Whee~ I'm practically jumping up and down in my room now. Oh, and she was born a day after my birthday! YAY!!! Congrats again! I still don't know the name of the baby cos si Evor tidak mau bagitau sia bah ishhh...

/end update

Got this via FFFFOUND! I think it's cool :)

I spent the rest of my birthday at home, watching the telly then fell asleep and managed to wake up extra early (6am) today. 

Updates soon.

Currently listening to Satisfaction by John Legend on repeat mode. Love this song :)


InobonG ProPer said...

Wah bestnya...she was born the day after ur birthday...senanglah celebrate ni kan. But the problem is, u r in KL..and she is in KK :)

Convey my congrats to Anne & Oliver k

Vivien Dumpangol said...

haha...ya itulah...tia pa, mo balik sudah sia ni next week....masih sempat mo celebrate oliver lagi lah kesian...tidak dapt balik tinguk 1st baby...