Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Comfort and warm

My birthday wishes goes to Mr. LW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know my Adobe Illustrator skill is not as power as yours, that is why I can only present you silhouette bunnehhsss heheh. Anyway, hope you'll have a great and fruitful birthday this year seeing that you're already a decade old quarter century old :P

It's raining heavily outside as I type this and for some odd reason I have this warm and comfort feeling inside. Not really sure why but I reckon part of it was because I was listening to a lot of oldies songs while re-touching student's final projects at work yesterday. Never grew tired of listening to oldies songs...especially The Beatles! Niccceeeee! So yeah, no Monday blues after all.

I've got exactly a week to go before I head back to celebrate christmas in Penampang...and I still have few more things to do:
1. Complete all un-finished tasks in the office (archiving, photo touch-ups, re-organise my files).
2. Get a  haircut (actually just need to trim my bangs and probably more layering at the back).
3. Get christmas gifts for parents + other family members.
4. Last yamcha session of the year with Ivan and Ken :P
5. Head down to KL this weekend. (Arts For Grabs in Annexe Gallery!)
6. Crap...can't think of what else to do...oh ya, clean my room! Also the kitchen, bathroom and living room...

Hope I can manage my time to do all of these. I seriously cannot wait to go home sudah :) Oh well, it's already 1.30am and I am supposed to go to sleep soon.

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