Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Supermassive black hole

This month marks the final month of the year. Oh man, how time flies kan? A brand new year is coming soon and I wonder what will 2009 brings...hmmm. Anyway, since it is the last month and it seems that everyone is prepared to enjoy the holiday season, I want December to be a good month too. I hope and pray that everything will go well before I head back to good 'ol Penampang to celebrate Christmas ANDDDD gosh, I really hope my students will put extra effort on their second/final project for Design 1 class. They've got about one more week to go...

Well, clearly I was disappointed on the outcome of their first project last week. I don't know...is it me or are they seriously slacking off already? I've told them about the first project like a month before and even told them to do some early preparation (i.e doing research, etc) but yet...*sigh*

I'm blaming myself now because I *think* I did not play my role well to them. Geez...I've got the feeling I am going to be depressed again. Wtf. Okay, need some happy thoughts! *Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale*


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I've managed to catch the movie last Saturday and...I think the movie was good. I like it but not love it entirely, still I don't mind watching it for the second time :) Obviously, the cinema was filled with mostly teenagers, girls especially who couldn't stop squealing with delight everytime Edward Cullen came into the scene. I was in luck at that time cos none of the "squealing teens" sat beside me heheh. I managed to sit far away from 'em. BUT, I have a confession to make. If I was still a teen, I would've joined the "squealing teens" too cos I reckon Edward Cullen is very good looking! Yes, I know there are certain people who would think otherwise but...man, I am just to lazy to argue over this.

I also think that Robert Pattinson did a good job in portraying Edward Cullen in the movie. His ever changing facial expression, the crooked smile, the glare...it was just like how Stephanie Meyer described him in the book. Oh, I love the Cullens' house too! When I was reading the book, I'd imagined their house would have this old and classic kind look but it turns out to be very modern and Edward's room looked nice bah. I also love the scene where the Cullens were playing baseball during a thunderstorm. It's probably cos Muse's song, Supermassive Black Hole was used during that scene and it just made everything looked wow. There are some scenes where I find it kinda...cheesy? The part where Edward was showing Bella how he would look like when facing the bright sun...yeah, I didn't really like that part. It was kinda weird. 

Of course, the book itself is still better BUT it is still a good movie, for me lah...dunno about you guys (I'm bad in doing a review bah :P). So yeah, I'm thinking of watching it again to be honest and I need to get the next book soon! Btw, thanks Anne for the e-books!!! Appreciate it a lot but I would still buy the entire series for collection :) Bah, sia mau pigi tidur sudah ni. It's like 20 minutes before the clock strikes 3am. Soooo going to have trouble waking up later. 

EDIT: Just as I expected, I woke up late. Craaaaaap.


simone said...

babes, i've just watched the movie too. i agree with you. the movie was not as good as i had expected it to be. my impression was 'bad acting' but Edward Cullen 'drool'... The house was to die for. I like the house but i don't fancy the windows. Too much of it. on top of it all i don't mind watching it again :D

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hahaha...ya, can see the acting are quite stiff but edward cullen and the rest of the family are cool!!! *im turning into fangirl mode now*

i'll watch it again before i go back home hehehe...cannot wait sudah ni.

simone said...

eh, when you come backw e watch together again la...apala tingu sorang2...i buy the dvd then u. me and evie can do the typical fangirl...hahahahah what say you?

Vivien Dumpangol said...

im used to go to the cinema alone bahhhh....teda juga apa2 tu hahah...lagipun dekat saja mah the cinema here hehehe...bah, dari kau saja bah....ya movie night i want!