Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I try

iFeel 101 part 2

I am not exactly what you call a 'people person'. For me to have the guts to actually do an impromptu lecture without really knowing the content is very tough and challenging. I'm not saying this just because...but it is the fact AND to really get familiarise back with a software that I haven't been using for a loooong time is not easy as well. Unless I have a smart brain then it wouldn't be a problem. 

So I am really trying my best here...and apologies again to the students who can't understand the previous two impromptu lectures that I did. Haih, now I feel so emo....

/iFeel 101 part 2

Sidenote: Been caught up with lotsa stuffs hence I was unable to blog. My weekends were filled with events to attend and then as Monday arrived, I had 3 classes back to back and it was soooo tiring, I could just feel that my head almost wanted to burst. My lifesaver for that day was definitely coffee.

 I'll be going back to Penampang for a week to celebrate CNY, (not even sure if there'll be any open houses to go since mum is not going back to Tawau) but still, I am looking forward for this holiday. Hoping that this 1 week of hols will be a good one. Mone, tia sabar sudah sia mo pi makan dim sum hehe :)