Monday, January 05, 2009

Reality check 123

To commemorate my last day of holidays (sigh...I still am not prepared to go back to work) I went to watch Bedtime Stories in Pyramid right after Sunday Mass yesterday. Movie was nice, I like Adam Sandler's character here better than in Zohan. Just found out that there's quite a number of movie that I've yet to watch. I wanna watch Australia! Anyone watched it yet? Is it good? I watched Yes Man with my cuzzies in 1Borneo last week and it was a nice movie too anddd...1Borneo's GSC cinema is nice bah! I love the comfy seats! where do I start?

New semester's timetable.
I came into the office on Saturday afternoon. Didn't managed to wake up in the morning cos I guess I was still feeling tired since I arrived in Sunway at midnight. It was also raining in the morning thus it was such an awesome excuse to sleep in. Anyway, received my timetable on my desk and my my as expected I have class on Saturday and I also found out that I'll be lecturing together with another lecturer for V. Comm class. This of course came in a surprise because I wasn't suppose to have V. Comm class for the new sem at the first place. *sigh* Oh well, I'll take it as a challenge and we'll see whether I am able to ace this or not. I've also got 2 night classes, one is until 7.30pm on Monday and another one is till 8.30pm on Friday. I have one class where I'll be lecturing solo and the rest would be tutoring tasks. It seems that this brand new sem would be a tough one for I prepared for this? Well, to be honest...not exactly. I feel kind of uncertain especially when I was asked to do lectures on V. Comm class. This is gonna be one huge challenge for a brand new year! *throws a nervous look*

Balik Kampung
Being able to spend the holiday season back in Penampang was such a great blessing! I think this year end holiday was a balanced one. Spent half of the time hanging out with the cuzzies and half of the time at home enjoying the shows on the telly. Managed to meet up some other relatives as well over Christmas gathering and also attended Dede's engagement party which was held on New Year's day. Overall it was a nice and fulfilling holiday and I truly cherish every moment of it cos now I am back here all alone and miserable...well not exactly lah. I'm fine here so no worries :) Can't wait to be back again for CNY!

The year 2008
To sum up, year 2008 for me was a very "monotone" one. There wasn't exactly any WOW or extravagant things that had happened to me. Well, there are probably some like me deciding to come over to the west side (and leaving my family and friends again) to start a new career in a new line. Up until now, I am still very much unsure whether this is the best decision I've made or not. From time to time I thought of me being in NZ again. I'm not gonna lie to you but I really DO miss my life back there and I often wondered if I did not come back to Malaysia after my graduation, would I be living a better life there? But then, coming back home wasn't exactly a bad decision after all...I just felt that I have this responsibility to come back and help to make my family in better place. 

Never would I thought I'll end up being in the education line but after 10 whole months of working in my previous college, I must say there are times when I just don't feel like doing this anymore BUT I stayed on because I still feel that I haven't proved to myself that I can actually handle this career. I get quite a number of negative responses from old college mates saying how this career is a waste of time but then, who are they to decide on what career path I should choose right?

So yeah, the first few months of working...I was still sort of struggling to fit in the job and adapting with the whole teaching and being surrounded by students environment. I now enjoy being able to help students and also do a lot of research/finding new materials for design education. I'm not sure if I did contribute enough for the college and students right until now but I'm trying my best anyway. Besides all these, being able to attend design conferences was a great opportunity too since I've never got the chance to do so when I was still a student. Oh, of course not forgetting my trip to Bangkok and being able to see so many cool art and designs there! Would really love to go there again soon! 2010 kan Mone??? Misti ahhh...this time we MUST!

My best friend whom I grew up together with got married in the year 2008 as well so that was of course one of the highlights of the year. I am so glad to be able to attend your beautiful day and also being your MOH (I still don't think I did a good job at it heh). Then having baby Ophelia as another addition to the family :) Such a wonderful blessing!

Throughout the mid of 2008, I suddenly felt like shutting myself and not to share a lot of the things that I've been feeling inside to my friends and even family. I don't seem to be able to write openly about my own feelings in my blog like how I used to anymore. Maybe it's just me or the sense of paranoia that I've been having for quite sometime. That is why a lot of times I will only be the listener and only talk about my feelings when I need to my friends and family *sigh*

I was having quite a high expectation for year 2008 since 8 is a good number not forgetting it was the rat year but turns I said very 'monotone'.

New Year
Some new year's resolutions? to find a vampire!

Okay I was just kidding. Well, I don't want to make any resolutions since I know I am not capable of fulfilling it. But here are some things that I wanna do/achieve this year. I did actually managed to do/achieve some of things on my last year's list in 2008.

For this year I want/try to:
1. Save and manage my money properly.
2. Learn to be a morning person and try my best not to sleep late all the time.
3. Be more dedicated with my work.
4. Exercise more...yes, I've been gaining weight *sigh*
5. Have a good, happy, healthy, positive and better life (same as last year's heheh)
6. Not to worry too much.

I have no friggin' idea on how my journey would be for this year...I don't know what my future holds yet but whatever it is I will try my very best to embrace all the challenges along the way :) Here's to a brand new year! *cheers*

Work starts in few hours time!!! 


maslight said...

I should limit my worries XD

happy new year viv

simone said...

yes babes... 2010 is a must for us....therefore, start saving my friend... oh...btw, can i have a vampire too? haahhaahhaah

Vivien Dumpangol said...

maslight: ya agreed! i worry too much heheh...happy new year to you too :)

cmone: caaaaan...bah come lah we go and hunt together muahahahaha...ok must start saving!!!

simone said...

babes, don't la you worry too much...just go with the flow...enjoy every minute of it... and...don't forget pray...we need new names before we go hunting...hahahahahha

orilia said...

australia is awesome!! abit long... but still awesome!!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

ohhhhh okayyyy.....will find a time to watch it soon :) thx!

simone said...

we should do our new year resolution together this year. remember we were suppose to do it alst year but we never did? hahahaah....

Vivien Dumpangol said...

you know what? i was thinking the same thing too!!! wonder la kita best friend bah hahaha...yes i think we should do it...and also our list down our goals to achieve....hehe...let's make a date!