Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dead and gone

"When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead" -Barney Stinson

One thing I learnt about the character Barney on How I Met Your Mother is that he always stay optimistic no matter how his day would turn out to be. Even when he asked Ted and Marshall to "suit up!" and they refused to or when he got rejected by some chick...he'd still won't give up and be sad or depressed about it. Yeah, I agree he is an absolute womaniser but I definitely admire his positive attitude towards everything and oh, he's a great friend to Ted too. (He always claims that Ted is his best friend lol). So the point of me writing this is well, as were living in this cruel, cruel world where people just won't stop letting you down even those people you considered as your friends, we just have to deal with it and keep our heads up.

I'd still wonder why a lot of things doesn't come my why everyone has a camera phone and I still don't have one (hahaha...okay this is a stupid example), or why some of my friends are totally livin' it up and I felt like I am stuck with no directions in life but you know what...I have started to learn and overcome all this (well at least I hope so lah). I know over the years I can be super emo over little things and would just breakdown and cry once my depression hit me, but I realised for the past months or so I've been really calm over a lot of things.

Do I actually make a point here?

Well all I'm saying is that I'm able to handle my sadness/depression better now. I also know that from time to time there's going to be something that'll piss the shit out of me and make me feel sad or depressed but I really ought to try to keep calm and carry on.

Anyway, this week, just like the other past few weeks hasn't been really great. Work's fine but I've got so many thoughts cluttered in my mind and oh, did I mention a "friend" said this to me on msn?

Wtf, I know it might not mean anything but seriously I got so pissed because this is probably like the 5th college friend who actually said something like this to me. Sia punya kerja butul-butul inda bagus kah? If this friend is standing right in front of me while saying that I would've probably shown my third finger but sigh...whateverlah. It's gonna be a total waste of my time to even be sad over this matter kan??

So yeah...story of my life.

On to some random pictures...
I bought cupcakes from students of the graduating batch. It tasted good but the colourful icing is waay too sweet.

Something from the moleskine.

I think it's supposed to be..."to my working place right?"

Will probably head down to Annexe after morning mass tomorrow to see what's going on at the Arts Career Fair...wanna join?


maslight said...

o.o something wrong with the job? @_@ I'm curious why ppl said that. As long as you're happy with what you're doing, ignore what others say! *hugs. OMG those cupcakes look cute and delicious.

*giggles, something so random could be so artsy. I rike! XD

Sandra said...

Brani btul kwn ko tu ckp jd lecturer xdpt p mana2..sapa bg dia early education slain parent dia dulu??x bsyukur btl..ko x bg dia middle finger :p
btw..sygnya pushing daisies 2 xda lg,sb sa ada tnpk dvd kna jual n sempat baca synopsis nya hmmm nti la sa cr lg