Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stairway to heaven

I wrote this and saved it in the draft yesterday. Was supposed to post this last night but I slept really early so I could only manage to post it today.

"It's your call, Dr. Bailey. It's up to you. Am I an executioner? Or am I a surgeon?"-Derek Shepherd

This might contain spoiler.

So as you know Grey's Anatomy is currently in Season 5 and I've been trying to catch up with it every week (via downloading of course). Anyway, on Season 5 ep 13, which I finally managed to watch it last night was one of the episode where it brought an impact to me because...well, I cried. I literally sat down facing the computer screen and cried. Not to the extend till I was sobbing but you know, I did cried lah.

Every character were facing their own problems (umm...except for George who did not made a lot of appearance); Meredith, Derek and Christina has a serial killer patient who has a brain damage and is going to be executed for murdering women but yet they are fighting to save his life. Miranda was trying so hard to save this kid called William. He needed an organ but they couldn't find a good one and there's one scene where Miranda just broke down and cried in front of the chief. Man, that was heartbreaking. Oh and much as I find it weird and having a lot of WTFs moment when Denny suddenly comes back, finally all the why-is-Denny-is-still-there-when-he's-already-dead questions has been answered. Something's gonna happen to Izzie jeng jeng jeng! I wish Alex will still be with her after all the Denny hoopla cos I really liked seeing them together (no offence to George).

I could see that in this episode, the doctors were trying so hard to figure out what's right and wrong or whether they are making the right decisions or not. Miranda almost broke her oath. She does not want Derek to save the serial killer (who will be executed even if Derek saved his brain) so that he could give up his organ to the kid. Meredith wanted the same thing as well soooo...haiya lots of drama lah. Man, I seriously sucked in writing my own review. But seriously, for me it was one of THE best Grey's episode I've watched. Oh ya, Mark Sloan! I lurrrve him haha. Lexie broke his "thing" down there lol! There's going to be a crossover show of Grey's and its spin-off Private Practice (where Addison is now) tomorrow? I hope I'm right...can't wait to watch it! Just reminds me of the 3 CSI crossover show I watched sometime ago :)

In today's amazing discovery, okay lah it's not that amazing but anyway, I just discovered that a high school senior of mine (she's one year my senior) is actually studying in the college! I arrived quite early to work today and I was downstairs photocopying the new attendance list when I saw her passed through. I was of course very surprised when I saw her and I thought she was a new staff working here. By the middle of my class I was still very curious to know if she's a student or a new staff so after class I went through the entire attendance list and found out that she's the new intake student! Well, I don't know her personally but I am friends with her cousin and I've seen her around in Penampang quite a lot of times and of course during high school years. I was thinking, what if lah I am teaching the class that she's in...wouldn't it be err...weird? Maybe I should say hi to her when I see her least I know someone from the same hometown juga kan?

The aftermath of CNY wasn't that great. After consuming and bingeing over all the good foods back home, I sort of have a bad case of diarhrrea now. My whole body still feels tired and not fully energized. I woke up today with a slight headache, and I reckon it must've been the super strong coffee that I drank the day before thus I ended up sleeping at 3am last night. But I am amused that I still managed to wake up early for work heh.

So CNY holiday in KK was good. Though I didn't do much and got such little amount of ang pows, I still had a wonderful time. Some of the activities include dim sum breakfast with the girlfriends at Sea Park, hanging out with Anne and Baby Ophelia, visiting two relatives on CNY, going to an open house at Simone's aunt and had good american foods there, going to MCA CNY open house in KK High School and managed to shook hands with the CM pfft. Not that it was something to brag about anyway ceh...I have no idea why I was standing there at the first place. Lepak-ing next door with the cuzzies, movie night out with Jesse and Drey at 1Borneo (we watched Bride Wars and I loved it!), went to a play called Equus (invited by Jasmine) and it was indeed a good play! Catching up with some shows on ASTRO and also one EPL match where MU won over Everton, paid a visit to the dentist, giving Drey a super quick photoshop tutorial, had keropok lekor and avocado juice in Tg. Aru, and...yeah, that's pretty much what I've been doing during my one week of holidays.

There was just one unfortunate thing happened where I almost got into an accident TWICE while driving the Kelisa. I seriously had a major panic attack cos it happened the day before I was flying off to KL. Thank God I am still alive now. Amen to that. So now, it's back to work and more work! Every time I leave KK, a sad feeling always crept into my heart bah. Everything is so face-paced here *sigh* I'm still not sure when I am coming back again...was thinking of August but two of my cousins are getting married in June and I wanna go to their wedding! Anyway, big hugs to my mum, girlfriends and of course my beloved cuzzies for keeping me company back home. ♥ I shall see all of you again soon! XOXO



More photos soon lah...

Cristiano Ronaldo turns 24 today :)


maslight said...

I finish watching Grey's Anatomy. Nyahahahaha. You wanna know the ending? XD *giggles wuah punya jahat me dis XD but I love the ending that's for sure XD

Anonymous said...

Hey Vien, u should come back on the 26th September 2009 too hehehe..I'm getting married that time so I really want you , simone and eve to attend it...pls pls pls :)