Monday, March 09, 2009

Cartoon heroes

Okay, this is totally random. I've watched some movie trailers last night including the upcoming movie, Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman. Anyway, the character Gambit is going to be in the movie too and it's acted by this guy called Taylor Kitsch. If you've watched the TV series Friday Night Lights (it was on Star World sometime ago), or watched the movie called The Covenant then you would know who he is. Not a bad looking lad don't you think?
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You know what cartoon series that I would love/hope to make it on the big screen? It's JEM! I lurrrrve this cartoon and I used to watch it all the time. I can still remember how the theme song goes. Maybe Lady GaGa would act in this movie too hahahaha....okay not funny.

I like it when public holiday falls on Monday. It means you can drag your weekends longer like today! But I'm staying in...just like most of the public holidays while I'm here in KL. Plus it's drizzling outside and the sky looks cloudy and that's when my lazy mode kicked back in. Jesse was here last night, she just arrived from Indon and stayed over at my crib. I was really happy to see her! But too bad we couldn't hang out much since she needs to catch a flight back to KK today :( But I will see you in a few weeks time again!

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend. I did went to watch a movie on Saturday. I decided to watch Sex Drive and it was just an A-OK movie lah. Very American Pie-ish, but I reckon American Pie is way better :)

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maslight said...

OMG Jem, colorful hairs, I won't deny that that's one of my fav cartoon during those times when we were young kekekekek XD