Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The great defeat

now that don't kill me
can only make me stronger
-Kanye West, Stronger

Soooo... I reckon all the non- MU fans were probably singing songs of joy last Saturday seeing that they've lost to their rival, Liverpool. I did managed to watch the match at the malay stall downstairs with random strangers. Well I WAS disappointed for sure, I mean c'mon 4-1? Ko gila kah? But what to do lah kan? Maybe it wasn't MU's lucky day. No point to be utterly disappointed because by the end of the day MU, is still on top of the league and *crosses fingers* they will remain up there to regain the EPL title :D By the way, why is Fernando Torres hot? Hahahaha.

I've been sitting on the floor for more than 4 hours and my back and neck is aching! I wish I have a proper workplace in my room plus not forgetting a table lamp too. I really need that. I kept telling myself to go and pay a visit to IKEA but I always ended up not going *sigh*

Oh I was supposed to blog about this news but seeing the time is now already 2am and my back is seriously in pain, I'll blog about it soon. Probably after Wednesday lah. So, have a great week ahead.

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