Sunday, March 22, 2009

On a boring sunday

Done! My colour contrast experiment. Well, I kinda screwed the third one cos I feel the colours doesn't seem so right but...I like imperfection and as I mentioned in my deviantart, imperfection is the new black! Haha. I'm calling this piece 'The Change Of Heart'.

This is totally random but while I was washing my clothes in the afternoon I was thinking how boring my weekends can be here in KL. I mean compared to my weekends back is way more fulfilling. I was wondering, " this hour I'm probably having my lunch while watching CSI: Supreme Sunday but instead, here I am washing my clothes on the sink. Darn. I miss the 'family' feeling and I don't get to feel it here that often. But then I gotta do what I gotta do right?

Anyway, I'm kinda depressed when I went to view pictures from yesterday's Sunburst Festival (which I missed it again) from the Sunburst's FB page. I knew N.E.R.D's performance would be awesome! tell me (for those who did go), is Pharrell Williams hot? Hahaha and did they performed 'Everybody Nose?' I think I missed quite a number of concerts because I can't really find a 'kaki' who would be as excited as I am when a band or an artist that I like is coming down here for a concert. Jamiroquai anybody?

Sooo how did I spent my Sunday besides doing my laundry? Well, I made brunch today as you can see at the picture below. I haven't had spaghetti for a long time so I decided to cook it today. It's spaghetti with baby carrots and fish mackerel (from Ayam Brand haha).

In the evening I went for a jog (like FINALLY) at the lake outside. After two rounds of running I was already exhausted. My stamina super FAIL lah. Even the uncle could run more rounds than me. So I opt for half walking, half running instead.

Oh, managed to watch two movies from the piles of DVDs that I have here. Paul Blart Mall Cop and also this Japanese movie called Crows Zero. I actually knew about the movie since last year when my cousin Arnold asked me, Jesse and Drey to watch it. He said "Syok ni movie...banyak lawan-lawan," Well, I wasn't that keen to watch it at that time but when I found out that Shun Oguri was in the movie, I decided to get the DVD and finally watched it today. I actually liked it, despite all the violence fighting here and there. Japan's school uniform is so nice lah! Can't wait for part two of this movie soon XD. boring my life is during the weekends huh? Okay, gotta go and grab something to eat now. Another brand new week tomorrow! Let's hope it's going to be a good one aight. ManU lost again wtf!!!


sandra said...

Jamiroquai perform utk GP kan??
geram ni nak tgk jaykay perform..ko dpt pigi ka GP?

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yaaaa....haih sya pun tidak tau la dapat pigi atau tidak ni. teda kawan bah heheh. but tulah, jay kay tuuuu!

maslight said...

colors are awesome...sends comfort to the eye XD

Sandra said...

hehehe...nda pa..tgk youtube sja la..jeles sa tgk kwn sa dpt pi sna for free..