Friday, March 13, 2009

The debut

While watching American Idol last night, I had a quick chat with Ken via msn. Well, at first our conversation was kinda weird cos he was asking me if I am Vivien from TOA or not. I was like, duh...just because we haven't seen each other for almost two months he can't recall who I am already? Anyway, he was asking me to watch his latest TVC on youtube. Ivan had earlier told me that he(Ken) was involved in the Earth Hour TVC. Btw, Earth Hour in Malaysia will be held on March 28th, so please don't forget to support by switching off your lights from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

I blogged about Ken's first TVC for Petronas during the 2008 CNY here *click*

When he asked me to watch the TVC, I thought it was just a normal TVC where he came up with the idea and some local talents would act in it. But to my ultimate surprise, HE was actually in the TVC too! My mouth turned into a big O and literally laughed out loud while watching it. I hope my housemates won't think I'm insane laughing alone in my room haha. Okay, the reason I laughed is because Ken's my friend and I know who he is so seeing him debuting in a TVC for the first time was like...whoaaa! I'm sure he's happy to be in the ad since one of his lifelong dream was to be an actor pffft. So, hopefully he'll be in the next Yasmin Ahmad's movie lah. Here's the video. I wanted to post it in FB too but someone had already posted it so here it is in my blog. Gotta catch up with him soon and ask him all about this :) Pete Teo is in the TVC too fyi.

I feel like I've been abandoning my blog these days...well, it's just that there's nothing much interesting going on so far hence the lack of posts. It's been the same ol' routine for me, work, home, tv, sleep, surfing the net...yeap that's about it. The semester's ending soon and it has come to the crucial time again where students are starting their final projects and I have to do a one on one critique with 'em.

As much as I am having quite a mundane life here, I'm still fine so no worries about me lah. I do miss home sometimes...well actually most of the times but I learnt to deal with it so it's all good. On some happy note, Manchester United is in for the Champion's League quarter finals cos they defeated Inter Milan 2-0 wohoooo! Not that I did watched the match anyway, but I wish I did *sigh* Hopefully I can watch the EPL match this coming Saturday where they will be facing with The Reds again. Haih, suddenly Liverpool makin kuat sudah ni. Misti pasal Torres balik sudah bah.

I went to a seminar organised by Adobe yesterday in One World Hotel, 1U. The speaker was introducing some new functions on the new Adobe CS4 Design Premium. Did learnt some new stuffs and man, I wish I was the lucky one to bring back the original Adobe CS4 Creative Suite 4! It was worth 10k but, I wasn't lucky enough lah. But I did bought back the 30-day trial version BUT unfortunately I can't install it because it's for Windows :(

So in case you want to borrow it or I could actually give it out for free (in exchange for 1 milo ais :D), just ask me for it k!


Ohhhh...okay, yes I admit I'm one of the people who watch American Idol every week. Can't help it la it's my source of entertainment. Anyway, I think Adam Lambert's rendition of MJ's Black or White was niceeeeee! Not forgetting Danny Gokey (he's my favourite haha) singing PYT and also Kris Allen's rendition of Remember The Time.

I'm gonna turn my fan girl mode on now...don't you think Danny and Kris looks cute when they smile? Somehow I wish the contestants would perform Billie Jean or Rock With You or Man In The Mirror! Sigh...MJ has so many nice songs bah :)

I realised I wrote quite random stuffs here...okaylah time for bed now. Weekend's almost here!

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simone said...

I don't think this season 8's contestant can out do David Cook's rendition of Billie Jean. His is the best so far...