Tuesday, April 07, 2009



I was computer-less the rest of last night and I just felt...empty? It feels like a part of me is missing heheh. Anyway, I probably will be computer-less again tonight but it's alright. I'll find something else to do. Finished colouring the 3rd piece(as you can see on the far right) last night while watching one of Stephen Chow's old movie on TV. I totally forgot how funny the man is. Ended up sleeping around 2am...I'm never gonna learn my lesson am I?

Oh well, need to find something else to draw sudah! I also noticed that my left eye turned so red last night. Not sure why it happened but I reckon I looked like this:
Yes, I kid you not. 2 more weeks before the term ends and there's lotsa grading to do!

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