Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fourth month

Since it's already a brand new month, I shall set my goals that I want/hope to achieve. My last month's goal which was to wake up early sort of failed tremendously by the middle of the month because the insomnia came back hence I ended up sleeping at odd hours again dammit. So two goals that I wanna achieve in the month of April:
1. Learn the silk screen process because I need to teach V.Comm next sem! Definitely not an easy thing to do but I really gotta try and do my very best on this.
2. Practice waking up early! (Though I know I'll fail once again by the middle of the month haha)

Oh, Happy April Fools day! I know it's a day late. Wanted to blog last night but since I was still very much in watching TV shows, I totally forgot to blog. Is it just me or I feel that Gossip Girl is slowly losing the sparks? And wtf Nate Archibald, stop going round in circles! Now you're back with Blair again???

I was in National Art Gallery on Tuesday to attend this Master Class talk for KL Design Week. That was the only talk that I was able to attend. Wasn't able to attend the other talk by those famous design gurus (ie. Carson and Sagmeister) but nevermind lah...

I'll post more pictures on this soon.




Have a good day everyone. Makan time now :D

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