Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Apparently, youtube took off the AAR's video (it says that this video is not available in your country wtfff) so I'm changing the video to behind the scences of The Wind Blows via MichelleMarieTV. Haih...what to do lah :( Sooooo many freaking stuffs to do now! DIE.

It's the last week of April and I am still swamped with work. Well, admin works mostly and I gotta tell you, it's not something that I totally enjoy doing BUT if I don't help out and do my part, who else would do it right? Now I'm pretty worried that I won't even have time to prepare for the new semester because a little birdie has told me that I will have another new subject to teach and I am absolutely not ready for it!

Anyway, I was thinking of attending my cousin Shah's wedding this coming June in KK but I can't really make a decision yet seeing that I still need to know how's my timetable gonna look like in the brand new semester which is erm...2 more weeks away. If I really could make it then it'll be AWE...wait for it...SOME! So yeah, crossing my fingers now :P I've been reading the world news and man, that swine flu is getting more and more serious. Although there's no news that the flu has spread its way to Asia yet, but it's good for us to take precaution aye?

Will *try* blog more soon. Feels that all my blog entries are so quick and short lah. Hopefully I could also make time to do a painting or two before the semester starts again.

I kinda like this new vid from The All American Rejects. The song is called The Wind Blows. When I listened to it, it seems like it has this 90's music vibe in it and I like the entire mood of the video cos it is very err...how do I say this, 'polaroid-ish feeling'? And Tyson Ritter is !

The internet is finally fixed at home!

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