Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Endless cycle

Ahhh...finally found the time for some updates. But before that, guess who came to visit?

Yes, my grand niece (sigh, feel so old sudah) and Anne are currently in town and I was able to meet them with Evor last Sunday andddd carry baby Lia for the first time ever! The last time I saw her, she was just one month old (back in January 09) and still very much fragile so I was kinda scared to carry something as fragile as her during that time. But now she's already 5 months old so, I'm not scared anymore yay! You know what's great about this baby? She's super friendly even when someone else besides her mummy and daddy carries her :) This type of baby suits me just right haha.

Well, it kinda sucks since I am not able to spend more time with 'em right now since I need to bloody work but hopefully the both of you will have tons of fun here okay? We'll meet again during the weekend. Anyway as I've mentioned, I've been WMAO and it feels like a never-ending cycle. If I don't have any classes on certain days (like Tuesday and Thursday), I'll have to do preparation for the upcoming classes or grading or more admin stuffs so I guess I could say that I am busier than ever. But in a way, it's kinda good to be busy cos once I reach home, I'll be feeling tired hence it'll lead me to go to bed early and avoid having insomnia. These days my sleeping time would be around 1am to 2am-ish, yes I do consider it early because few weeks before, my bedtime would be around 4am and that's just bad.

Okay, I'll probably gonna divide some parts to blog about here starting from...

Balik kampung
I've decided to go back to KK next month to attend my cousin Shah's wedding :) I've got 2 cousins (on my dad's side) who are getting married in the month of June but unfortunately I can only be able to attend one wedding reception. I was contemplating at first on weather I should go home or not seeing that it's currently not a term break in the college now but then since Shah was also one of the cousins that grew up together with me, I just thought of going back to witness his big day lah. Besides that, I miss home bah so going back for 5 days would be just grrreat. Err, I haven't actually applied my leave yet heheh...will do it by this week and hopefully it'll get approved la *crosses fingers*

Silk screen printing
In the month of april, I wrote that I've wanted to do silk screen printing but couldn't find the right time to do it since I was caught up with all the crazy admin works. So last Saturday, I decided to have an experiment on it. Borrowed the college's print room for this experiment and...well, it didn't turned out perfect but it's alright la because at least I did tried. Plus it's not like I can't do it all over again kan? Imma find a time to practice it again so that I could finally print something on a t-shirt :) Note to Anne: I'm so going to do the 'TEAM EDWARD' shirt like what we've talked about last Sunday. Just wait ok!

It was quite a tedious process but still, it was kind of fun.
I know I've been applying this tree design everywhere heh. I'm too lazy to design a different one bah.

American Idol
Kris Allen won. Am I happy? Hell yeah I am haha. Okay la, I am probably not a person who knows how to judge what's a really good voice or what's not since I normally just listen to any music that pleases my ears but...the thing about Kris Allen is, when he sings and performs he just makes me feel good and nice. I mean of course to compare his voice to Adam Lambert's, Lambert has a more powerful voice but maybe, (please note that this is only a mere opinion of mine, so don't start bashing me up for those who likes Adam) I just like someone who's humble and don't really go over the top (seriously, no offence) but yet still could perform well take example like Jason Mraz or John Mayer or Robin Thicke or even that HK singer Khalil Fong. That's what I feel when I see and hear Kris Allen or Danny Gokey performs. Sweet, simple and just nice.

I don't really find the big deal of Adam not winning because c'mon, with a great vocal and talent that Adam has I am sure he's gonna be successful as well bah. I mean there's no denying how crazy his vocal is right? You can see how Chris Daughtry is way more successful than that white hair dude...what was his name again? People will remember who Adam is...but I hope Kris and Danny will be successful too lah of course. So boys and girls, take a chill pill okay? And since American Idol is over, we can now put our focus on who's gonna win the UEFA Champions League between Manchester United and Barcelona, which will be on tomorrow morning yes/no? Totally psyched about this match wohoo!

Season finales
So the three shows (Greys, Gossip Girl & How I Met Your Mother) that I've been following religiously has come to an end as well. I liked the season 2 finale of Gossip Girl because *spoiler* Chuck finally confesses his feelings for Brooke yay! and Grey's Anatomy season 5 finale totally left me hanging by a moment! Gotta wait patiently for season 6 to come. I'll probably be bored for a while seeing there's nothing else to watch...oh wait, there's still Ugly Betty on TV and I can resume watching that Korean version of Boys Before Flowers (18 episodes left!)

Okay, there's probably more to blog about but I should really go to bed now or else I might risk waking up late.

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