Thursday, May 28, 2009

The great defeat V.02

I only slept for less than 3 hours last night and had 2 cups of coffee while at work today. Managed to stay awake and survived the entire day but my body was aching and I could feel that my head was spinning around while doing my work. Luckily there's no classes on Thursdays. Ahhh...the sacrifice I made just to watch the Champions League final match early in the morning heh. But turns out it was kinda disappointing and frustrating as well seeing that ManU has come this far and might have the chance to regain the trophy for another year BUT got defeated by Barca.

Hmmm...apparently most of the people in my Facebook list loathes ManU cos by the time the match ended, they were updating their status saying things like 'Yay Barcelona!' or 'Ashamed of you devils!' *le sigh* It's okayyyy, no biggie I mean not everybody has to like the club (MU) right? I thought the first half of the match was good. Lots of attacking and shots on goal by C. Ronaldo but it gets so frustrating when you thought it's gonna be a goal but yet, it is missed by minor mistakes or offsides. That's exactly how I felt when I was watching the entire match. Frustration. Throughout the match you could see how C. Ronaldo's temper is slowly building up probably because he really wants to score a goal but wasn't able to, hence leading him to lose his temper. (See proof below lol)

So in the end, Barca won by two goals scored by Eto'o and Messi. What to do laaaa...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose right? But look on the bright side, at least ManU still managed to win the Premiership title so it's still A-OK and it's not the end of the world. They'll be better next season *crosses fingers*.

Messi and Henry were too ecstatic that they had to dance the twist.

On a random note, I think that Josep Guardiola is a very good looking football coach haha.

Better luck next season for Man United lah. Well, I reckon I should really go to bed early but then I think the caffeine effect has kicked in which is why I am still wide awake now. Tomorrow's Friday already? 2 more weeks to head back home :) This weekend will be the Kaamatan festival, not that I can celebrate it here but hopefully I could still meet up with Anne and baby Lia (and do our own version of celebrating Kaamatan) before they fly off to KK next Monday.


Sandra said...

Its Ok...Try again next season for M.U 2 regain back :)
anyway Happy Kaamatan 4 u all @ KL :)

InobonG ProPer said...

I don't see why non-MU fans so happy Barca won! Some are liverpool fans and some are chelsea's. They are not even Barca fans. So why watched the game and making noise about it

At least ManU reached the finals! They even claimed the EPL title! So, where is liverpool? where is chelsea?


Vivien Dumpangol said...

sandra: yeap next season we'll be stronger! happy gawai dayak to you!

phil: tu la bah kan....saja dorang happy manu kalah padahal bukan dorang minat barca pun ishhh...tia pa...ada menang epl juga bah. next season tatap kuat lagi ni :))