Tuesday, May 05, 2009


This post was written on May 4th, 2009.
Does anyone of you remember the band Hanson? If no, then Imma smack your head right now! *Kidding* I‘ve mentioned it before that I was once a super major fan of ‘em and I still am but probably not as crazy as during my teeny-bopper era back then. Anyho, Taylor Hanson (the middle and my most favourite Hanson member) recently started a new band as his side project. His band is called Tinted Windows and this band consists of James Iha, the American-Jap guitarist of Smashing Pumpkins/A Perfect Circle, Adam Schlesinger, the bassist of Fountains Of Wayne and Ivy and Bun E. Carlos of the 1970’s band Cheap Trick.

Did some research on Cheap Trick and you know the theme song for That 70’s Show that goes like “Hanging out…down the street…” Yeah, I love singing it when the show is starting. Well, Cheap Trick performed it. When I first listened to their(Tinted Windows) song Kind Of Girl, I was sorta having second thoughts because it sounded very 80’s New Wave-ish kind of music but then after listening to it for few more times, I am starting to get the hang of it and I actually liked that song. Well, maybe it may sound too pop-ish if you ask someone like my brother to hear it but hey…it pleases my ears just like Hanson’s music so me likey :DDD

Who would’ve thought that after all these years, Taylor Hanson can still make my heart skip whenever I hear him sing muahahaha…and he’s married with four children in tow some more! The Jo Bros can just suckkkk it haha. I’m sure Taylor is still with his original band, Hanson and Tinted Windows is just one of his side projects…you know like how Mike Shinoda has a hip-hop project called Fort Minor kind of thing. Good for him to try something new lah.

I’ve wanted to do a long post for quite sometime but I wasn’t able to find the right time to do so. Thought of doing it once the semester break starts but then I little did I know I had so much work waiting for me to complete. So this time around, I’ll try my very best to write whatever things that I’ve been wanting to write here and to make things easier, I’ll divide it to several sub-topics.

Current status
Well, the reason why I was insanely busy the week before was because of the ISO external audit. If you ask me what exactly is this ‘external audit’ thing, well I don’t think I’ll be able to explain it well since it was completely a new thing for me too! So I’ve been helping out with the documentations, lecture kits, course outlines and lots of other paper works that I am way to lazy to elaborate. Many times I was on the verge to say F*ck this shit! And totally gave myself up in doing all the paper works but eventually, with a lot of willpower and force, I managed to keep calm and carry on.

This morning I was inside the conference room together with some of my colleagues to sit in the external audit session. The weird thing was, I was absolutely calm throughout the session even when the auditor asked me questions. I was thinking, why am I not nervous or paranoid when I am sitting here? Guess the most obvious reason was my mind wasn’t functioning well, seeing that I didn’t get that much sleep due to that stupid insomnia I had last night.

Luckily the entire audit session went pretty well and I wasn’t bombarded with more questions after that so everything’s A-OK now I hope. So right now, with one more week to go before the new semester starts I need to catch up with some other remaining tasks as well as to be prepared mentally and physically to embrace the new students next week. Last month, one of my goals to achieve was to learn silk-screen printing but unfortunately, I’ve no time for that now so I gotta do my own research on this. Sigh. That pretty much sums up my current status right now. Haven’t been going out much lately including the weekly yamcha session because I think Ivan was busy getting himself drunk with his other alco-friends.

From time to time, I’ve been contemplating on whether I should make my blog in private mode or not since I’ve discovered some of the students knew the existence of this blog and even linked my URL into their blog list. It’s not exactly a big deal to be honest but the thing is, I felt that this blog of mine doesn’t even give motivation or inspiration to them because if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you would know that I don’t really write stuffs on politics or world issues or inspirational stuffs (but I am not not that ignorant on the current world news fyi) but instead I like to write about my daily life, what I’ve been up to, football matches that involve Manchester United or even my current TV dramas addiction. Part of the reason is because I feel more comfortable writing stuffs about this.

Maybe I’m just worried what the students would think about me since being an “educator” means you eventually have to set a good example to ‘em as well as being the role model. So yeap, I don’t really know what can the students get in reading my blog but if they REALLY did find it somewhat amusing, then I sincerely say THANK YOU! Probably you guys should read LW’s blog since he writes so well that I myself can’t even figure out what he’s trying to say most of the time.

Another reason for contemplation is because sometimes people might misinterpret on what I am trying to say. For example if I write about an issue for person A, person B might think that particular issue is subjected to him/her…get what I mean? So that’s why, susah bah to please everybody kan?

American Idol
Hahaha…okay la, this is not exactly important but since I watch this show every week I guess it is something worthy for me to blog about. My favourite contestant is definitely Danny Gokey BUT I’ve developed a liking for Kris Allen because he has this absolutely charming smile that I lurve so much and even though he might not have the super power vocals like Adam Lambert or Danny, I still like him :) I like how he doesn’t really need to go over the top (like Adam haha) but yet still managed to do a good performance. Anyway, I still think Adam will win this season lah seeing how he gets a lot of good praises and Simon Cowell even gave him a standing ovation, which I know is pretty rare for him to do so.

Well, what else is new huh? I might as well give up in finding the cure to this.

The next episode
Because everything seems to be mundane lately, I’ve taken a break on thinking/planning about my future or things that I want to do next. I guess I’m just currently living my life as it is right now and will resume to think about what my future holds when I’m ready again.

Aah…hope this post is long enough lah. I believe that there are still some other things that I wanna write about but I just can’t think of any more right now. Will just save it for another day. Since it's the month of May, I shall write down my monthly goals which I know I won't really have the chance to achieve it but I still need to try don't I?

Okay, this month I want to:
1) Do a painting and give it to one of my bestie who's celebrating her birthday in two weeks time.
2) Find more notes and new references for teaching purposes.
3) Continue practicing InDesign.
4) Celebrate Kaamatan together with Anne and family if possible.
5) Watch at least one football match of MU before the EPL season ends.
6) Sleep early if possible.
7) Be motivated.

Yeap, I'll try to find more things to write soon. Really wanna make my blog lively again.


picibel said...

seriously, don't read my blog. merely for the fact that people totally don't get me and end up thinking I'm a nut. Yours is more student/people friendly. got futbal, music, art, guys, movies, kittens and all that stuff people love. Whats not to like about your blog? ha.

simone said...

babes, don't go slamming my Adam Lambert... hahahahahahaha........ finally there's an American Idol story featured in your blog... have been waiting for it.....

Sandra said...

ok ba blog ko ni,interesting to read,blog sa lg la mcm x betul heheheheee..mcm x pcaya TInted Window tu c Taylor jd vocalist & kudos to James Iha, balik lg oo dia..American Idol minggu ni BEST-GLAM rock is BACK!!!!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

picibel: ya mehhhh? aiyoo...but then my writing skill sucks worrrr...

mone: leks ko hahah...dia tatap menang juga tu AI nanti haha.

sandra: tu la...sia pun terkejut james iha ada di dalam tinted windows tidak sangka pula kan hehe, ni malam sia tgk american idol! tdk sabar sudah...