Thursday, May 07, 2009

Random random

Few random things I wanna blog about today:

Random things 1

Ivan sent me this picture not so long ago, way before the Wolverine movie was released here and I love the entire mood of this picture. Check out Ryan Gosling's Reynolds's arm. Anyway, went to watch the movie last night and...for me it's just an okay movie lah. Not sucky but just okay. Somehow I was hoping for it to give more impact like Iron Man or Transformers but it didn't. But as what Chrystal said, there were a few eye-candies to see (like Hugh Jackman's butt LOL!). I actually liked Ryan Reynolds more and omg, Daniel Henney! LW said Taylor Kitsch who acted as Gambit looks like a younger version of Johnny Depp. I think so too:) Overall still an okay movie to watch.

Random things 2
Arts For Grabs is back again and it's happening this coming weekend. I'm going to make a trip to Annexe this Saturday since it's a public holiday to check out what Art For Grabs are offering this time around :)


If you're currently in Auckland, NZ (I wish I am *sigh*) you can check this out.
Ming who's my senior in WSD and also Sky's other half is having an art exhibition at OUI Boutique. Makes me wonder when will I have the chance to have a solo exhibition as well...

Random things 3
Found this via FFFOUND! today.

I looooove this dress! Love the colours, love the bold geometric shapes!

Hahaha...I love this one too :)

Random things 4
They made it to the Champions League final again YESH! I only managed to watch a preview of the goals online and that free kick scored by C. Ronaldo was super cantik bah. They'll be facing Barca in 3 weeks time and I gotta say, it'll be an interesting match to watch. Can't wait!

Random things 5
The weather today was so friggin' hot can die! Had to bring the new students for a campus tour as well as distributing the timetables to them. I am looking forward for the new semester to start but still very much worried cos I am not fully prepared yet. Got to know that I'll be teaching a new subject and I am actually worried about it too! But I'll get through it. I know I can! YES! Well, at least I hope so la hehe...

Random things 6
I also got a new haircut today and it was inspired by Jenny Humphrey of Gossip Girl. I have a virgin hair, meaning that I've never ever dye or curl or straighten it before but then maybe I should try dyeing it this time around just to try out something new. I'll post a picture of the new hair-do when I have the time to do so cos I totally suck in being a cam-whore and showing things like my new hair style.

Can't wait for the weekend to come...aight, that's all for today. Bai!

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