Monday, June 01, 2009

The month of June

Guess it is still not too late for me to wish Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan to all the Sabahans. Hopefully you guys had a good time celebrating it seeing that the Harvest Festival falls during the weekends hence Monday is an off day too. Celebrated Kaamatan here with Anne, Evor and my brother last Saturday. Nothing much really, it was just a meet up session with my family slash people that I am close with. Had a pretty good time and it was indeed another well spent weekend :) Anne and Baby Lia are back in KK now but I'll be seeing 'em again soon!

Anyway, it's already the month of June! I'm proud to say that I did managed to achieve most of the goals that I've set for last month well, except for that "trying to sleep early goal". But still, it must be something right? Since I hardly could achieve any of the goals that I've set for myself. So for this month, my goals would be:

1. Read more books or at least finish reading some of my novels that I've been currently put on hold.
2. Watch a movie in the cinema.
3. Do another painting or two.
4. Attend Urbanscapes at KLPac.
5. Visit Kinokuniya or Borders (if I have the time)
6. Be motivated (same as last month)

Oh, I've just watched New Moon's (the sequeal to Twilight) trailer yesterday and all I can say is...I am totally looking forward for the movie to come out in November! Also looking forward to see how the werewolves pack going to be in the movie as well :) But or now, I should just control myself from becoming one of those squealing teens and wait patiently for November to arrive. Watched the trailer more than 3 times btw haha. Watch the trailer here *click*

Aight, have a grrreaaat month ahead!


MARY JANE said...

i cant wait for the movie...:-)

Sandra said...

UrbanScapes..kalo la dpt sa go or not to go...