Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reality bites

Hello everybodyyyyy I am back on the west side and damn, why is KL super hazy now? Anyway, just finished my class a while ago and I prolly need to stay in the office longer just to prepare everything for Monday's class. *sigh*

Yesterday morning while I was flipping to ESPN channel on the telly, I was greeted with the news of Cristiano Ronaldo's 80 million pound transfer to freaking Real Madrid! Wtf, I really thought he's gonna stay for one more season but I guess he's not which really sucks because...I bought my tix to watch ManU in Bukit Jalil next month and he's definitely not going to come down here. Blah! Anddd not only because of this but I *strongly* feel that it's still quite early for him to leave ManU. But I guess when it is time to move on, we just have to get on with it right? Oh well, I bet Fergie will definitely buy another potential player to replace him soon.

I had a really good time when I was back in KK. Shah's wedding was superb as well but I'll talk more on that in the next post with pictures (hopefully I can edit it soon) to share. My cuzzies kept me company most of the time and I am absolutely grateful for that. It was good while it lasted but it's back to reality now...and it sucks big time. Well not exactly la but you get what I mean right? Will be back again in 6 months time so no worries!
picture courtesy of Audrey Ambrose.

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