Monday, July 20, 2009

The city was painted in red

(Note: This post is written by Vivien Dumpangol)

You know I would really love to go and watch the rematch today but unfortunately I've no friends to go since my cousins have gone back to KK and my brother is flying off to KK today too. Sad thing is I will be back living a mundane life since I am not sure when will my brother be back here again. I'm crossing my fingers though and hope he'll get a job there then my mother won't nag that much anymore haha.

Anyway, the video above was shot by yours truly using my not so canggih point and shoot camera. Is it time to invest into a better one? In the future when I am old with wrinkles on my face and saggy boobs lol! least I could tell my future grandchildren (if I even have the chance to get married) that I managed to see the top English Premier League club back in my days heheh. They probably might not know who Giggs or Rooney or Scholes are but still, it'll be one of the stories that I would tell 'em not matter they want to hear it or not haha.

The vid is not exactly at its best quality though but do watch it if you want. Overall, I had a really good time watching the match despite the crazy hot weather and the massive crowd. I reckon if CR was there it'll be much more awesome :))))) Aight, blog more about this soon...should really head to bed now. Here comes Monday...

P/S: Last Saturday during class I was sooooo friggin' angry my body felt like it was on fiyahhhh! Apa lagi trus sia tiaw tu class ni...bikin panas to the max bah haiyahhhhh...nasib nda payah lagi mo jumpa dorang next term.

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