Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Oh man...I think I might be getting sick soon. I sneezed like 1943398593 times yesterday and now my left eye is red and itchy plus I have a slight flu. I'm kinda freaking out cos we all know how serious H1N1 is right now and I just hope that me sneezing non-stop and having a slight flu is not a sign of me getting H1N1! *touchword* Scared wei!

Anyway, this was the news I was waiting for yesterday...

CR7 no more...well, better luck playing at the Spanish club. Obviously he can't get the number 7 jersey because it belongs to Raul hehe.

You know I actually wanted to write about my dissatisfaction over Malaysia Airlines because for the past week, I've been trying to solve this online booking thingamajig for my brother and calling the airline up takes sooooo long. I thought I've finally solved everything today but to my horror, I've just received the flight itinerary of the flight that's been booked like almost 2 weeks ago. Wtf. The itinerary was supposed to arrive on my mailbox on the day I booked the tix or maybe the day after NOT after almost 2 weeks! Looks like I need to call 'em again to see if I could get a refund or not. Urrrgghh...why MAS? Why? Won't write too long about this cos I am lazy to elaborate. Maybe after I finished dealing with them then I'll probably will continue writing it.

Okay, I'm gonna watch MJ's public memorial service on the telly now. Hope I will get better when the morning comes :)

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