Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gone too soon


This awesome graffiti was done by Jeng & Kioue.
Thanks Champ for letting me post this :) More pictures here.

I'm probably the most outdated person since I just found out the news about Yasmin Ahmad's passing at 6.30am today. I received a text message from Ken at 5am but I only read it 1 and a half hours later because I was still very much in dreamland. Man...when she was hospitalised few days ago I was thinking she should be alright and prayed she will recover soon.

Never knew she'd be gone too soon...

Thank you so much for the inspirations and touching our lives with all the great commercials and movies that you've made. May you rest in peace. Sepet will forever remain my favourite local movie of all time. Wrote about me watching the movie for the first time back in 2005 here.

Been waking up way too early since yesterday, not sure whether it's a good thing or not haha. Gotta go and take my shower now and to church. Haven't had the time to blog cos I've been sick the last few days and all I wanna do whenever I'm home is to sleep and watch re-run of Friends.


maslight said...

Yeah everyone started tweeting and changing their facebook status around midnite @_@

R.I.P yasmin ahmad T_T

Bea said...

oh don't worry vivien....i only found out during lunch today...yeah, didn't expect the sad news either...RIP yasmin

Nicholas Ng said...

hope ken is alright.. sure is hard for him and the rest of the gang in office. sad !

Vivien Dumpangol said...

massy: yabah, i checked fb around 6.30am...loads of ppl has changed their status suda.

bea: yeap, such a sad news.

hak hong: hopefully he's okay la. sohlud be meeting him one of these days...yaaaaa so sad!