Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I is alive

Yesterday, I was in the elevator with this girl, she's not Malaysian but anyway, she asked me if I was studying in Taylor's. I said no and I told her that I am already working...then she said, "Really? You look so young!" Hahahah...totally made my day XD

There seems to be a lot going on over the past week, so lemme try and recall some...

Been getting lazier to do any update here. Why is that? I should really go and finish up things that's currently hanging by a moment now like my rooster painting or even drawing sketches for Elf's tatt! Sorry I haven't started on anything yet. Now I feel guilty. There are tons of assignments to grade too. Where to start ah?

Before that, here's a shout out to Cmone;
Hey! I'm sorry that it actually took me THIS long to finally wish you Happy Birthday on my blog. I know it's a few days late but I hope you'd still accept this wish la hehe. Yes, my initial plan was to make a video of me wishing you personally here but I didn't managed to do it on time...sorry about that. Andddd I actually made a painting for you like a month ago but I realised the colours looked crap to me so I decided not to continue the painting. Sorry! I have so many excuses heh. Still hope you'll like the advance birthday gift I gave you though. We'll celebrate together when you and Eve are here this Sept! Oh, actually there's a good news. My mom asked me to balik KK on the 1st week of September for our Dumpangol family reunion thingamajig and I've decided to go home cos the air tix is superrrr cheap!

So, I've finally watched Transformers 2 last week with my brother and Jesse when she was staying over at my crib for 5 days. Question: Did anyone of you noticed the MALAYSIA AIRLINES logo during the beginning part of the movie? It was on screen for just 2 seconds I think. If you did, then high five! If you didn't...oh well. As much as I am still a n00b on Transformers, I actually did enjoyed the movie very much. The fighting scene looks a lil complicated though haha but overall it was a nice movie. That girl who played Alice looked so familiar, until I realised she actually acted in the Aussie drama, Home and Away. Have you seen the show before? It used to be my favourite summer holiday show back in NZ haha.

The rest of last week was just work, sleep, eat, work and more work. Then on Saturday Ken came over to the college so I brought him for a little tour around and hung out with him throughout the day. I introduced Jess to Ken and Ivan as well and it actually turned out well :) Was worried to have those awkward moments but it was all good.

Oh, did I mentioned that over the past week I got so pissed over irresponsible students??? Yeah, I wanted to write about this but I dunno whether it'll be ethical but omfg, seriously I just don't understand the new generations these days lah! I've encountered some who totally acts bimbo-ish in front of me, then some who are just wayyyyy too lazy to motivate themselves and always need to be spoon fed, some who just don't have a f*king clue on their role as a I could go on and on but let me just stop until here. Maybe if you go out and have a cuppa with me then I'll be delighted to share the story of my life haha.

Aight, back to work babyyyyy! Jess and Audrey is coming tomorrow :) Always nice to have some company here especially if they are your loved ones. Red Devils in 2 days time w00t!

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