Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Finally relieved?

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Last weekend, I've decided to finally make an effort to watch one of the many movies that has been kept in my comp's HD for quite sometime. Watched this movie called Lars and The Real Girl which stars Ryan Gosling as the main role. This movie, for me was actually quite funny, disturbingly-weird in a way and nice too. I dunno about you guys but do you actually find it sick when there are people who have a real "relationship" with a life sized/blow up doll? But I am pretty sure there's a reason on why these people are doing it right? Maybe they are just lonely and want someone or something to satisfy their sexual needs haha or maybe...they were not born normal in the first place.

I find myself laughing out loud when Lars(Ryan Gosling) first introduced his 'girlfriend' to his brother and sister in law. They kept staring at her with a WTF? expression on their face lol. Even funnier when he(Lars) actually made up stories about his girlfriend like she is a very religious person hence they can't sleep together and she's actually a Brazilian! Hahaha...totally cracks me up. But I liked the fact that the people who stayed in the town actually accepted his girlfriend and was really good in playing along with the whole thing eventhough they obviously knew that the girlfriend wasn't even a human! So yeah, I did enjoyed watching this movie. Gives you a nice feeling in the end. I think Ryan Gosling is one of those he's-going-to-go-far type of actor, just like Heath Ledger but sadly, his life ended while he was still building up his career? Speaking of him, did you know that I haven't actually watched The Dark Knight yet? Yes, this is sooo typical of me.

Yesterday was quite a tiring day. Been going back and forth to the print room in the college monitoring students doing their silk screen printing project. To tell you the truth, I've been feeling so worried about this over the past few weeks cos who knows there might be a few screw ups here and there right? But I was quite relieved when I saw some of the outcomes from the students yesterday. Well, it might not be entirely perfect but at least the entire process did worked out so that made me felt soooo relieved. Seems like some part of my worries has been taken off from my mind :) Now, my only hope is that everything will be fine when they do their presentation next week so after that I will be happy and have a really good time watching Malaysia vs ManU next Saturday! Jesse told me that she plans to bring Audrey to watch the match too :) Yay, the more the merrier bah kan?

Anyway, random photos from the moleskine...errr actually this is not a moleskine notebook, it's a cheaper version of it called monologue. The moleskine that was given to me for my birthday s still kept inside the drawer. Sayang bah mau guna hehe.


Totally random stuffs. The third picture was my experiment on silk screen printing which I kinda failed...

Nothing much to blog about so, it is time for bed now. Nite! Have a good week :)


Sandra said...

Movie ni la paling pelik pnh sa tgk
Tp best lucu & cute Ryan gosling jd nerd...x boring tgk ni movie hehehe..

maslight said...

Punya cute tu notebook