Sunday, August 09, 2009

Movie buff

My cousin Mierah stayed over at my crib for a week and I managed to spend my time with her watching 3 movies in the cinema :DDD Started off with The Proposal, then it was Ghost of Girlfriends Past and the latest one was G. I Joe which IMHO, was much more enjoyable to watch compared to Transformers 2. I read some online movie reviews on G.I Joe and most of it was quite appalling. Rolling Stone mentioned that the script was kinda lame and "The Eiffel Tower appears to be destroyed by some green slime left over from the Ghostbusters films". LOL. But hey, not everyone has to like the movie bah kan? I just think that it was a pretty good movie to watch. Anyway, still had a good time with Mierah being around here. That budak is insane, she doesn't sleep at night just to watch Gossip Girl on my macbook.

Well, I'm not exactly a major movie buff person because if I really am one, I would've watched heaps and heaps of movies. But then, I still have a long way to go to call myself a movie buff. This reminded me of a conversation I had with Ivan about two weeks ago. We were taling about Disney movies during our yamcha session. It all started off with me telling him that I liked Elton John's Something About The Way You Look Tonight song and then we started to talk about Elton John's song in The Lion King and well, it leads up to talking about Disney Movies. When I told Ivan I haven't watched Toy Story yet, he just couldn't believe how outdated I am lol. It's not only toy Story but I haven't watched Mulan, Pocahontas, Anastasia...still many more. I told Ivan that part of the reason why I didn't managed to watch a lot of Disney movies was because I might end up crying over the 'emotional' scene. Lion King was a good example.

I made up my mind that I would try to watch as much Disney movies as I can before I turn 25 which is 4 months away hehe. Here are some movies that I am looking forward to watch in no particular order. I really wanna watch 500 Days Of Summer! Joseph Gordon-Levitt + Zooey Deschanel looks great together :D

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This week marks the last week before the term break officially starts...well, not that I get to have a break anyway but no classes for 3 weeks would be good for me to prepare myself for another new term next month. Oh, I am not going to be deported to Penang after all! But I'll be teaching another computer-related subject next term which is Photoshop. Now, I'm not a pro photoshop user thus I need to brush up my skillzzzz during the term break. Looking forward for my 4 days back to KK city soon too!

Hope you had a good weekend :D Man United vs Chelsea match tonight! Let's see if Man U could manage without C. Ronaldo hehe.

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