Thursday, August 06, 2009

Caught up!

Yesterday while I in the midst of doing calculations for my time task projection, I was browsing through Threadless (the website where you can submit your own t-shirt design and let people vote for it) at the same time and then...BAM! I found out that this group of students that I'm currently teaching have used the exact design I found on Threadless! That particular design was submitted by a guy 3 years ago fyi. know this is not the first time I found students plagiarising. I've seen 2 or 3 over the semesters. Maybe they just think the lecturers are dumb enough not to find out huh? But seriously, what good can you get when you plagiarise someone's work? I am constantly collecting beautiful designs and artworks but I know for sure these are only for references or inspirations. So what to do? I've no choice but to put a big '0' on the 'creativity & originality of design' category of their project lah. Too bad I found out about it hahahaha.

Anyway, I've watched The Proposal! I liked it very much :DDDDDD

And...I am falling in love with Ryan Reynolds hahahaha....okaylah, not really but damn, Scarlett is f*king lucky.
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Watching Ghost of Girlfriends Past today. Hope it'll be nice :)

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