Sunday, August 23, 2009

I want you to want me

10 Things I Hate About You is one of the many teen flicks that I love and could actually watch it over and over again in fact, I just re-watched it last month when my brother returned my big ass external hard drive to me. I remembered watching it for the first time in the year 1999 (I was 15 then and it was the PMR year haha). Anyway, Anne who watched the movie first told me how nice the movie was and then the next day, I instantly went to her house and watched the movie together and, she was absolutely right. I LOVED the movie. This movie was also the first time I got to know who Heath Ledger was (God bless his soul) and don't you just love his character? Especially when he sang 'Can't Take My Eyes On You' at the football field as a way to apologise to Kat. Love it hehe. I even bought the movie soundtrack because there are quite a number of songs that I like (ie. Cruel To Be Kind by Letters To Cleo and Your Winter by Sister Hazel)

Last month when Jesse was staying at my crib here, there was one time we were searching for funny videos to watch from youtube then we stumbled on this new series called 10 Things I Hate About You and we were like, "Eh, there is a series already?" But then, we just sort of ignored it 'cos our main point was to search for funny videos.
Two weeks ago, I stumbled on this series again while I was randomly browsing youtube and decided to give this series a try. I was quite sceptical on who was going to play Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger's character) in this series and whether or not he can be as good as Heath. Turns out, I actually liked the series too! And Ethan Peck as Patrick Verona is definitely a yes :DDD I wish Cameron can be as cute as Joseph Gordon-Levitt though. If you liked the movie, you might wanna give the series a try. Currently airing episode 7 on youtube.

I found out yesterday that I don't need to go to work today! Thank God for that because I can happily sleep in without worrying about getting up as early as 6am to work. Nothing much going on for the past weeks...just counting the days till I'll be back home again. 13 more days!

Here's some random photos found from my desktop.
Finally managed to finish this painting. Procrastination, that's why.

Mierah on Gossip Girl marathon.

Eathan's toy, The Optimus Prime.

Jesse's new ManU jersey (that I secretly want but currently can't afford it haha)

ManU menang 5-0 against Wigan last night :D Dunno what else to write sudah, so have a great Sunday!


simone said...

I'd have to say that I can't thank you enough for introducing me to this series. It's so funny and enjoyable to watch. I'm totally hooked to this show. And definately not forgetting IN LOVE with Ethan Peck. Love his mysterious dark naughty boy look and that deep voice is melting. *drool*

Vivien Dumpangol said...

LOL! ya, these things are good to be shared bah cos i know you'll love this show juga!!! hahhaa....yeah, ethan peck...not only he has the deep voice and dark looks but i lurrrve his hair too!!!

maslight said...

Nice painting. Oh gawd I love this movie and I love that song. Nama band is like Cheap Trick. I love their songs.